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What is the Salary for pro soccer coach?


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about $13,346,122.81 per year. (10,000,000 euros)


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The salary of a soccer coach depends on the designation i.e., whether they are teaching Part time, full time or they are a college coach or a high school coach etc etc. So, there are a lot of factors based on which a Soccer coach is paid. So, the salary can range up to anything between $2,000 to $7,000 if you are a High school coach. If its a college Soccer coach, then the salary can range between $3000 to $15000 depending on the experience etc etc. It all depends on the skill set. Its a vague question and has no specific answer.

About $10,000,000 (euros) if you have a good team

They get a good weekly salary and perks as well.

Work hard. Work hard and obey your coach.

Only if you go pro can you earn money or become a school coach.

The average salary for a soccer player is 142,000 per year. This does not include bonuses or endorsements of any kind.

A soccer coach coaches a soccer team by picking where players go

I would be a soccer coach cause I like soccer

men get more because women do not play alot of matches

5.75 pounds per hour 49,680 pounds per year

A person can become a soccer coach at a local school by volunteering.

My guess is that you play pro soccer the same way as you play youth soccer or travel soccer.

a coach who knows how to play the game, and stays on topic also, someone who is is not disgusting. By latest 2011 year`s statics the best coach of soccer is Jouje Mouhrinho,sorry for wrong spelling.Coach of Real madrid,and hes the on who have hightest salary for being coach,and ofcourse after that coming Pet Guardeola,again sorry for wrong spelling

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A high school coaches salary usually differs depending on the high school.

they make 3,000,000$ a year no joke. they are the highest ever paid because of their rarity.

italys soccer coach is Marcello Lippi but they are considering Cassano Ballotelli.

soccer players salary varies very much according to pro-status, you may have some making $40,000 dollars per year. And others like David Beckam making 300,000 a WEEK!

If your a pro-soccer player and if your good like David Beckham he gets like $5,000 every game his team wins so it depends how well you are at soccer and how good your soccer team is *-*Anna Hodges*-*

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