What is the area square miles of Miami?


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About 35.68 square miles in Miami, Florida.

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Miami-Dade County, Florida is Florida's third largest county in terms of land area, with 1,946 square miles.

Miami, Florida, USA - 55.27 square miles.

Miami, Florida is 55.27 sq miles.

The area of Zoo Miami is 2,994,673.752576 square meters.

The area of Miami Seaquarium is 153,780.5440512 square meters.

The area of Downtown Miami is 1,537,805.4405120001 square meters.

Miami, Florida, USA - 55.27 square miles.

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Twelve square miles is the area.

The area of Bicentennial Park - Miami - is 121,405.692672 square meters.

Colombia -Total area - 439,735.43 square miles (includes 38,696.7 square miles of water area)Land area - 401,038.7 square miles (excluding water area)

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The area of Florida is 65,755 square miles of which 11,828 square miles are water.

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Area of Tunisia = 63,170 square miles.

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