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What is the average weight of an NFL player?


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There is not an average weight, per se, of a NFL player. Rather, there is an ideal weight for each position. There is a lot more than that, but the NFL Draft reports do a great job of comparing the current crop of NFL prospects. The lists is compiled by numerous scouts and analysts, and the majority of the official results are derived annually at the NFL Combine.

The "average" or tiers of prospects are classified into "measurables" like weight, height, strength, speed, agility, football IQ and crazy things like medical history and so forth. Then there are "un-measurables", like drive and determination. It shows that "averages" in the NFL are really only statistics to begin an evaluation. And like any investment's prospectus, the info isn't always worth the paper its printed on, so there is no guarantee.


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The average weight of an NFL player is about 248 pounds. It has been reported that the average weight has increased by 10 percent since 1985.

the average weight of an NFL receiver is 194

The average height and weight of a CFL player is 6 feet 1-inch tall and 228 pounds. The average height and weight of a player in the NFL is 6 feet 1.5 inches and 245 pounds.

The average height of a NFL QB is 6'3". The average weight of a NFL QB is 230 pounds.

average weight of an nfl running back is about 215 pounds

The average height for an NFL player is approximately 5'11. The tallest NFL player was 6'9, while the shortest NFL player was 5'3.

The average weight of an nfl tight end is 230-250 pounds.

The 2013 New England Patriots are the largest team in the NFL based on average weight of players. The Pats clock in at an average 251.6 pounds per player. The Oakland Raiders are second with an average weight of 250.9 pounds per player and the San Diego Chargers round out the top three with an average weight of 250.3 pounds per player. The numbers represent the average weight per roster of the teams in the NFL, and are subject to change as teams add and release players over the course of the season. These figures represent the average weights thru week 9 of the 2013 NFL season.

The Average NFL Football Player Stands 6'2"

Average NFL player salary: $1.9 million

In 1975 the average NFL player salary was 56000 dollars. The average salary for an NFL player in 2014 is 1.9 million dollars.

The Average weight and height of a NFL linebacker is 6'2 and 235 lbs hardest players in the GAME!

There is no required weight in the NFL. The smallest player I can find record of for this season is 178 pounds.

The current average is 5'11" 215lbs The NFL currently has running backs ranging 5'6"-6'4" weighing from 185-260

What was the average nfl football player salary in 1950?

How much money does the average NFL player make

The average height is 6'4" and weight is 290 lbs

The average weight of an NFL defensive end is about 6'4 and 280lbs

The average salary for a NFL player according to Yahoo Sports is $1.9 million.

College Player: 6' 3" 245LB + pounds NFL: 6'4" 250lbs + pounds

In 2004 the average weight for a defensive lineman was 300+ pounds

An NFL football weighs 14-15 ounces

the average size of a NFL center is 6'4-6'7 and there weight is between 260 and 295

The average career of an NFL player is 3 1/2 seasons according to the NFLPA.

the average height of an NFL player can vary, some may be 5'10 while others could be 6'8

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