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Babolar revenge polyester strings.


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There is no 'best string'. Even professionals use different strings because different strings suit different needs.

It depends what you like in a tennis string but I personally like babolat revenge polyester string.

Tight strings give better accuracy. There is less bounce in the strings, so less trampoline effect, making your shot more accurate, but less powerful.

It depends on what you need personally for you. I personally like the Babolot strings, but because they are made of 100% Polyester I do half and half also called the hybrid. The hybrid has two types of strings; in my case the RMP blast and synthetic strings.

D`Addario they make the best sounding electric and acoustic sounds on the market

it depends on what works for you, but the number one tennis player, Novak Djokovic uses the head tennis racket, and it works really good for him.

Tennis as a sport was redeveloped in Melbourne which is in Australia. The redevelopment of tennis is meant to produced world class players who are able to compete with the best in the market.

A tennis ball, when impacted, dissipates about 45% of the energy applied to it. This means that it only absorbs and returns 55% of that energy. That is why in the test standard for tennis balls, dropping it from 100 inches, it only rebounds 53 to 58 inches. It is returning that much energy. The strings of the racket, however, return 90% of the energy they are impacted with. So, when the tennis ball hits the strings and they stretch (absorb the energy), they will return 90% of that force in the return of the ball. When a ball hits strings with a higher tension, the force is exerted on the ball, instead of the strings, and the energy return is closer to the 55% range.

Normally they use all polyester or a hybrid with polyester and something else normally a synthetic gut, natural gut, or multifilement

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I personally like the gold strings.

The size of tennis racquet you choose is really a personal preference. Basically, tennis racquets come in a mid-size and oversize. The mid-size racquet has a smaller tennis face and less surface area of tennis strings. Mid-size racquets are more compact and usually lighter. They are easier to swing and move around quickly. Serve and volley type players often prefer the smaller mid-size racquet. An oversize racquet has a large surface area of tennis strings. This can make the racquet feel heavier and it is more difficult to swing the racquet around quickly. However, the "sweet" spot on the racquet is larger. The sweet spot is where you want the ball to hit your strings more maximum effectiveness. Players that hug the baseline tend to enjoy using an oversize racquet. You can always "demo" different racquets at your tennis club to see which size is best for you. Your tennis pro can also give you great reccomendations.

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Sania Mirza is a famous tennis player from India, she is best know for winning the mixed doubles game in the 2012 Wimbledon. She also caused a stir in the Muslim religion because of her tennis outfit. Hope this helped :)

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