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What is the best way for a 14-year old to shoot a basketball such as proper form stance follow through etc?


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For anyone to shoot the best way is to practice. I know you probably hear that all the time, but its true. The form you can practice is: start out with the ball in front of your stomach in a crouched position. Then take the ball and bring it up to your chest. As you bring it up to your head, slightly arch your back. Be sure to not arch it too much....youll end up falling over. Now roll the ball off your fingertips about maybe 3 or 4 ft. in the air. You should get a nice backspin on it if you do it right. Practice this form and each time do it a little faster until it is a flowing motion. Now when you go to shoot square up to the basket and be sure to follow through. (My annoying gym teacher would say, "Reach into the cookie jar.") When you shoot it you probably wont get that backspin, in fact its really hard to. So don't worry about the spin when you shoot.

Proper way how to shoot with a basketball at age 14? Age dosent really matter. Hold the ball to your waist, and bring it up to your chest and extend your arm, flick your wrist. ahha me? i add alil style in it. when your done flicking..make both your hand's fingers pointing out. i call this the butterfly haha.. to practice your backspin. lay down and put the ball in front of you and just shoot up and if it comes back down to where the ball was, it was a straight shot. keep doing this and most of your shots will be straight. my teacher always tells me to do the cookie jar, it works. alot of backspin but ain't easy to get it in.. gotta get use to it first. hmm i take about 250 shots a day. something else i learned is called B.E.E.F.. bend elbows, eye-contact, follow-through.


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