What is the best way to learn to shoot a basketball?

The best answer is to just keep practicing. Practice will help you learn.

Continue practicing. Keep shooting and shooting until you make them 50% or more of the time. If you want to have great shooting form. I suggest watching J.J. Redick's games. He has great shooting form. Most of the college basketball players have good shooting form, watch 'em and learn! A good shooter's shot is always "right on line", i.e. if it misses, it either misses long or short, and never off to the right or left (from the shooter's viewpoint). The easiest way to accomplish this is by positioning your arms and the rest of the body so that the main shooting force is aimed directly at the basket. Leaning directly into (forward) or away from (180 degrees/opposed), or walking toward (when allowed) the basket can often help/solve aim problems. Even if the shot is aimed properly, however, you still need to balance the arc (or height) and force of the shot when you release it. Too much arc will increase the difficulty of the shot, and decrease the margin for error. However, too little arc increases the chances of the defender blocking your shot. Too little arc and too much force will combine and cause the shot to clang off the front of the rim or backboard. Inadequate force will cause your shot to fall short. Usually, rotation (backspin) on the ball improves the chances of a marginal shot going in. But, excessive rotation reduces the chance of a completed shot attempt.