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The center of social and religious life during the Middle Ages was the church.

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How did the Christian church influence life in the middle ages?

Social life revolved around the Church. Art was all religious based.

A religious leaders in the middle ages are called?

a pope or priest is a religious leader

What are monasteries in the middle ages?

churches or religious places

Church in the Middle Ages?

In the middle ages, the church was the single most dominant social force in Europe.

What was the center of education and faith during the middle ages?

There were several but one the prime ones was Florence, Italy. Here, the Medici family ran the city-state, there was a university, it was a trading center, banking center, and was a religious center.

Difference between the high middle ages and early middle ages?

Towns replaced manors as the center of medieval life, especially due to fairs, which meant that not everything was produced on a self-sufficient manor. There was more social mobility.

European religious beliefs in middle ages?

the answer is found in your mind

Was Christmas celebrated in the Middle Ages?

Yes, they celebrated Christmas in the middle ages, however it was more of a religious celebration than it is today.

Why was visiting Jerusalem important in the Middle Ages?

Most people in the Middle Ages were religious and, therefore, visited Jerusalem as a pilgrimage site.

How was the renewed religious feeling of the middle ages shown?

The renewed religious feeling of the Middle Ages resulted in the growth of monks and monasteries and the increased power of the Catholic church in the political arena.

What did the peasants do for fun in middle ages?

they in joyed many holiday both religious and non religious

During the middle ages the church regulated what?

During the Middle Ages, the churches quite often held all the power, dictating laws to the entire area. The church was also the center of social life. Being rejected by the church was devastating.

In the middle ages what did they mostly paint about?

Religious subjects and portraits of important persons.

What is a monk in middle ages?

A peaceful, spiritual, religious man seeking enlightenment.

Why was Fritzlar important in the Middle Ages?

It was the center of growth in the Christian church.

What is a feudilism?

Fuedalism is a political and social system from the middle ages and Europe.

What were the social structures of the middle ages?

serf, advisors\ lords, & royals

The single most powerful social organization in Europe from the Middle Ages to the end of the Victorian era was the?

The Christian Church was the single most powerful social organization in Europe from the Middle Ages to the end of the Victorian era.

What are the 3 social classes of the High Middle Ages?

People in the Middle Ages were members of three classes: 1.Noblemen 2.Serfs 3.Clergy

What were the social classes of the Middle Ages?

There were three different social classes The highest class was a Lord The middle class was a Knight The lowest class was a Serf

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