What is the circumference of a size 5 soccer ball?

The circumference of a Size five soccer ball is 27-28 inches. The circumference of a Size four soccer ball is 25-26 inches. The circumference of a Size three soccer ball is 23-24 inches. Sizes 2 and one are promotional balls. FIFA's international size is between 27-28inches, which is the same as a size five, except that the weight is also limited. ACCORDING TO FIFA RULE BOOK. The ball is: spherical; made of leather or other suitable material; of a circumference of not more than 70 cm (28 ins) and not less than 68 cm (27 ins); not more than 450 g (16 oz) in weight and not less than 410 g (14 oz) at the start of the match; of a pressure equal to 0.6