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What is the definition of an assist in basketball and when does it occur?


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An assists is when player A passes the ball to player B and player B shoots the ball and makes a basket, resulting in player A getting the assist. However, player B does not strictly have to shoot the ball immediately. Player B can take a small step or dribble to create space for himself and then shoot. If player B takes too many dribbles or steps, an assist will not be credited to player A. Oftentimes, an assist is left up to the people running the statistics during the game, and while one person may call it an assist, another person may see it differently.


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An assist in basketball is just an assist.

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To help someone out. An assist in basketball is a pass to a teammate that directly leads to a field goal by the player the ball was passed to.

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ana assist in basketball is when u pass the ball to a teammate and they score.

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a dime in basketball is an assist.

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You get an assist by passing the ball, and the person scores

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