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Adult racquets are usually longer and heavier than junior racquets

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What kind of equipment do tennis players use?

Tennis raquets & balls. Are you looking for brands?

What is the most popular brand of tennis raquets in America?

head, wilson

From what animal does the catgut used to make tennis raquets?

cow there is a whole page on it in

How have changes to tennis equipment effected tennis participation?

Because in 1954 they used paper clips and bowling balls, so the population after raquets and tennis balls rent to 99.9%.

Is a badminton raquet bigger than a tennis raquet?

NO a tennis raquet is bigger and a lot heavier. in some cases it is not a lot hevier because babolat raquets are sometimes made out of a material that is ove 50% lighter than a normal raquet. they call these Ultra Light Raquets.

What is the difference between tennis balls for grass and tennis balls for clay?

I believe the difference in the two balls is the bounce.

What is the difference between court and arena for example tennis court and tennis arena?

The one difference is that an arena has a roof.

What is a junior tennis open?

A junior tennis open is a competitive tennis tournament for players in the United States 18 years of age and younger.

Who first played tennis and how was it played?

the royalty of Europe - England on indoor courts - a solid board (no net) and solid board raquets

What makes up tennis?

Two or four people flinging a ball across a court that is divided by a ground net with netted raquets.

Why do strings on tennis raquets turn red?

Usually they don't. The only reason would be because you applied red stencil ink.

Where do you buy smiley face dampeners shock absorbers for tennis raquets?

They sell them at all Wal-Marts in 2 packs. Good Luck!

Why do you think wooden raquets in tennis are no longer used?

They are no longer used as they were very heavy than the present racquets. And they can be easily broken as they were wood.

What is the best intermediate junior tennis racket?

The best intermidiate junior tennis racket would either be babolat or wilson

What is the difference between women only tennis club vs women's only tennis club?

There is no difference. Only women are members of the tennis club. The plural possessive means nothing.

Where is the best junior tennis camp in Houston TX?

King Daddy sports at Westheimer Indoor Tennis & Fit is routinely known as the best junior tennis camp and junior tennis academy in Houston. These guys have been doing this for a long time, and always have the best juniors in the city.

Where is the best place to buy table tennis raquets?

Table tennis racquets can be bought from a number of well regarded businesses. It will ultimately come down to what you're looking for specifically. Amazon and Killerspin are just two examples.

What is a junior satellite tennis tournament?


Who is Sam Mahdavi?

A Junior Tennis Player

What's the difference between volleyball and tennis?

The net of tennis is shorter then a net for volleyball.

What is the difference between platform tennis and paddle tennis?

Here in the North East they are the same. I just brought some paddle tennis clothing from

What is the difference between a Golf ball and a tennis ball?

A golf ball is smaller in diameter and is not hollow like a tennis ball is.

What is age limit for Wimbledon junior tennis?


What is the difference between a badminton net and a tennis net?

A badminton net is higher

What is the difference between a cricket ball and a tennis ball?

The differences are that a tennis ball is green and furry, and a cricket ball is red and tough.

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