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What is the difference between folkstyle and freestyle wrestling?

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Folk Style is the normal type of Wrestling like in junior high, high school, or college. Freestyle is more upper body oriented. I think both are great anyway.

Actually, the more upper body oriented version of wrestling is Greco-Roman. Freestyle and Greco are very similar except in Freestyle you can utilze the legs in the match. For instance double leg and single leg take-downs. In Greco you cannot touch or utilize the legs. But the difference in Folkstyle and Freestyle is the scoring. In Folkstyle there are 2 pts. takedown, 2 pts. reversal, 2 pts. for 3 sec. nearfall, 3 pts. for 5 sec. nearfall, 1 pt. escape, and 1 pt. for stalling or other penalty point. A technical pin in Folkstyle is a lead by 10 pts. Also the match is one constant match in comparison to Freestyle there are 3 separate rounds in one match. To win a match you must win two out of the three matches. After each round the score is reset and both wrestlers are at zero pts. To technical pin a guy a wrestler must lead by 6 pts. There is no such thing as a tie, or overtime, in Freestyle because if the two wrestlers were in a tie of 6 to 6 the last person to score wins or if a wrestler has a higher amount of high scoring moves or throws. This stands true unless there are no pts. scored at all during the round then the wrestlers go into a clinch, where one wrestler has a single leg and the other has to get out, first person to score wins the round. In Freestyle scoring partial back exposure, escapes, takedowns, reversals, and nearfall are all worth 1 pt., a wrestler can be awarded either 3,4, or 5 pts. for a throw (5 pt. throws win the entire match and 2 3 pt. throws win a round regardless of the score), 2 pts. are awarded for complete back exposure (for example the wrestler without control rolls his back on the mat), 1 pt. is awarded to the attacker if both wrestlers go out of the circle (unlike Folkstyle where if your on bottom and the other guy is close to pinning you it would be smarter to "crawl" out of bound if you're able to). And also, in Folkstyle pts. are taken away or given to the other wrestler if you stall, Freestyle however you are encoraged to stall out. But that is the general difference between those two styles of wrestling, there is a lot more but I think that will give you a good idea of the differences.

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Greco is no legs. all upperbody, no double legs. floksstyle is highschool and college wrestling.

IN Greco-Roman, there are no allowed attacks by or to the legs. Freestyle allows it.

Freestyle wrestling is the modern version of catch-as-catch-can, with a couple of changes to the rules. Professional catch-as-catch-can also included hooking (submissions, pain moves), which were not used during amateur tournaments. Freestyle wrestling came to the olympics under the name catch-as-catch-can, before it was changed to simpler "freestyle".

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Freestyle, by definition, isn't "measurable". It's impossible to tell who "wins" or "loses" in freestyle. It's about showing off your skills.

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Wilfried Dietrich of Germany/West Germany who won 5 medals in the Olympics between 1956-1972. He was a heavyweight and competed in both freestyle and Greco-Roman, winning 2 medals (1 gold, 1 bronze) in freestyle and 3 medals (2 silver, 1 bronze) in Greco-Roman.

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Most modern day freestyle wrestling matches last three rounds with a best two out of three format. These rounds can last between 1:30 - 2:30 depending on what level of wrestling and where in the world you are located. At the end of a round the person with more points wins, although a match can be ended sooner if one wrestler initiates a pinning move on the other. A pin will cause the wrestler to win the match even if he was behind in points.