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An individual difference variable are variables that occur naturally and that a researcher cannot assign a participant to. These include gender, age, height, etc. A manipulated variable a researcher can assign a person to such as a placebo group vs the actual medicine.

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The difference is that the independent variable is the one being changed (manipulated), dependent is not.

Manipulated variables are also known as independent variables. These are the variable which you change in an investigation. Plotted on the x axis.

In an experiments, variables are aspects of the experiment that can be changed in order to achieve different results. Controlled variables are intentionally kept constant and unchanging. Manipulated variables are changed in order to test different theories.

They are the same. These are names for the variables in an experiment that are controlled by the experimenter, as opposed to the output variables, the results you collect at the end of the experiment Hope this helped!

controlled,manipulated,responding variables

Manipulated variables: what you change in the experiment on purpose. Can be one thing. Ex: The color of the Popsicle.Responding variables: The thing that changes because of the manipulated variable. What changed because you changed something.Ex: The rate of speed at which the Popsicles melt.

There are three types of variables tested: manipulated variables, controlled variables, and experimental variables.

Manipulated variable is a factor that produces one or more dependable variables.

The variable that is deliberately changed

It can have as many as it needs. You can even change different variables at the same time and study their individual influence with proper statistical tools in many type of experiments.

The independent variable is the variable that is manipulated. This affects the dependent variable and the results of the experiment.

by the variables. The variables are manipulated and responding. the manipulated ones are the one that is changed in the experiment. the responding variable is the one who is expected to change.

the three (3) types of variables are: - controlled - manipulated - responding.

dependent variable; this is the factor in a experiment that when manipulated by independent variables it changes. it is also known as a controlled variable independent variables or manipulated variable; the factor in a experiment that is deliberately manipulated responding variable; the factor you have to measure to get the results or you will not know the value of the variable

Yes, there is a variable that can be manipulated by the investigator. What that variable is depends on what the investigator is investigating and the variables that are available.

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i think is manipulated, controlled, and responding ...

A table of variables that can be manipulated by matrix algebra.

Constants stays the same independent variables is the variable that is being manipulated

A responding variable is a variable that reacts to being manipulated.

Condition that changes in response to the manipulated variable in an experiment.

a factor that may change according to the manipulated variable

the types of variables are three the constant,manipulated and responding...

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