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Its different because indoor Netball is more cooler but outdoor is still a bit the same its just to get air for the players .And when its cold the players need to get more hard rock so to be more numb and get harder to play.

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soccer is football and netball is netball

In handball you have goals and in netball you have a net(like in basketball). Balls are different. Netball is mostly(only) played by females.

The difference between basketball and netball is that in basketball you can take more than 2 steps and dribble up the court, but in netball the most amount of steps you can take is 2 and you are put in certain positions. Another difference is that netball is played in thirds and basketball in halves.

you play indoor netball on wooden floorboards with the court painted on and you play outdoor netball on a bitumen area with a court painted on

it can be played indoor or outdoor on a hard court

indoor netball and outdoor netball. Indoor netball is played in a net and the court is smaller and there are no throw ins.You also usually have a lot of mixed gender teams play. Outdoor netball is played outdoor, the court is larger and there are throw ins. you dont find too many mixed gender teams

indoor netball games for under 11's and lower are 8 minute quarters and for under 13's and up have 15 minute quarters.

indoor soccer is played with walls,and there is no out of bounds unless the ball goes over the wall. the grass is turf in indoor soccer.there is no slide tackling in indoor.

A netball court is often made of ashfelt although those used in indoor competitions are made of wood

Basketball and Netball are usually played as an indoor sport, however yes they can also be played outside.

Futsal is just a training league and indoor soccer is anywhere playing soccer inside.

Indoor/outdoor lights can be used inside or outside while indoor lights are designed specifically for indoors and should not be displayed outside.

nothing besides outdoor ones will look older and more dirty as indoor will look new. and outdoor is outside and indoor is inside.

indoor activities are like board games hide and seekoutdoor activity are like playing tag, soccer, running

I think the difference is in the rubber on the cleats. You can find them on this website You can also try

Outdoor lamps are contructed to be weatherproof. An indoor lamp can be unsafe if it is rained on, wetted by snow, etc.

Primary schools often play hi 5 netball which is the same as 7 netball but only 5 are on court. They do this so children learn where each position can go. In 7 netball you only have 1 place but in 5 netball you switch positions every quarter. 7 netball is usually played for an hour although hi 5 netball is only 20 minutes.

netball?? i see the majority of people playing that inside

None! Unless the grower doesn't know what he is doing.

Basketball has a backboard for the ball to bounce off. Netball hoops just have a hoop no backboard. You have to be very acurate. Also in netball the diameter of the rings is 3 inches smaller.

According to if you are standing indoor or outdoor when you receive the criticism. :-)

Bleach can be used as a disinfectant, stain remover and cleaner. The difference between indoor and outdoor bleach is the ingredients, outdoor bleach is stronger.

Indoor BTS: It is placed in a shelter Air-condition is must Very sensitive Outdoor BTS: No shelter required Air-condition is not a must Not very sensitive comparing to indoor bts

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