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Not much really, except the bats are different. The paddle bat is a smaller solid bat whereas the normal tennis racket has strings and is bigger.

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A racket has strings ... a bat is solid a bat is used to hit a leather ball which is very hard as compared to normal tennis ball So we can say that a bat is used to hit stronger things but both can be used for beating hahaha!!

I believe the difference in the two balls is the bounce.

The main difference between bat wings and butterfly wings are that a butterflies wings are symmetrical and a bats wings are not.

In tennis it is called a racket.

The first table tennis bat was made in England in 1890.

A bat has wings and a flying squirrel has a membrane between its frontlegs and its backlegs...a bat flies and a flying squirrel glides

Table tennis rackets are used to hit the ball back and forth.

The difference between the two bats is the way they are made. The weight is different. And the weight distribution is also different.

The drop is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat. If you have a 32 inch bat and its weight is 22oz you have a -10 drop.

The basic difference between bats and owls is that bats are mammals and owls are birds.

There is no difference. Only women are members of the tennis club. The plural possessive means nothing.

you can not play cricket with a macaw!

Bar Mitzvah is for boys, and Bat Mitzvah is for girls.

The rules of table tennis refer to a racket. Therefore, racket is the official name, although some people call it a bat or a paddle.

The net of tennis is shorter then a net for volleyball.

in baseball you hit the ball with a baseball bat in other sports you use other things tennis- tennis raquet cricket- cricket bat softball- softball bat ping-pong (table tennis) - paddle

Here in the North East they are the same. I just brought some paddle tennis clothing from

The difference between these bats is the difference between the ratio of their weights and lengths. An example of a drop 10 bat you be on that is 33 inches in length and 23 ounces. A drop 8 bat would be 33 inches long, but weigh 25 ounces. Drop describes the ration between weight and length.

-8 Means that it's a drop 8 bat, and that is just the difference between your length and weight of your bat.

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