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What is the first name of baseball player fingers?

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Hall-of-Fame pitcher Rollie Fingers was born Roland Glen Fingers.

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Who was the first NY Yankees baseball player?

the name of the first player is John Smith

Who is a baseball player with the name that starts a f?

Last NameMark "the bird" FidrychFirst NameFrancisco Liriano

What is the anatomical name for fingers?

The anatomical name of fingers are digits.

Why is Ichiro Suzuki of The Seattle Mariners the only Japanese player to have his first name on his Jersey?

He had his first name on his Jersey in the Japanese Baseball league so the MLB let him keep it on.

Which celebrities have their first name 'Bino'?

There are currently no celebrities that have the First name of Bino. The closest match would be to the early 1900's baseball player "The Great Bambino".

Where did chicken fingers get its name?

Chicken fingers got their name for two different reasons. One reason is because chicken fingers are eaten with the fingers. The second reason is the shape of them resembles the fingers.

What famous athlete's first name start with the letter r?

Rafael Nadal (tennis), Raymond Berry (football), Roberto Clemente (baseball), Rod Laver (tennis), Roger Federer (tennis) and Rollie Fingers (baseball) are famous athletes.

Which Early 1900s baseball player had the first name of Grover?

Hall of famer Grover Cleveland Alexander, a pitcher, played Major League baseball from 1911 - 1930

Name a Milwaukee Braves baseball player that starts with the letter E?

You did not mention if the first name started with the Letter "E" or the last name.Eddie Mathews is the first name to come to mind. John Edelman played one year with the Braves in 1955. If you visit the Baseball Almanac website (see Related Links) You could browse through the rosters to find the player you are looking for.

What baseball player has the first name Rod?

Hall of Famer Rod Carew (Twins, Angels) Catcher Rod Barajas (Dodgers)

What is the scientific name for the fingers?

phalanges are the bones for your fingers and toes.

What is the first name witch has the last name Greengrass the baseball player?

Major League debut September 9, 1952 Final Game September 30, 1956

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