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A rectangle has no volume, it is a 2 dimensional object.

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The formula for finding the perimiter of a rectangle is add up all of its sides

Rectangles, being two-dimensional objects, do not have volume. Rectangular prisms, on the other hand, do. The equation for their volume is length*width*height, or lwh.

Area of a rectangle = (length of the rectangle) multiplied by (width of the rectangle)

There is no formula for this. You have to measure the volume.

what is the formula of volume in science

A rectangle is a plane figure and has no volume.

The formula for the volume of a rectangle is length x width x height. The area i just length x width

L.A.= 2*pi*radius*height its not like finding the area of a rectangle. a cylinder is a 3-D shape and a rectangle is a flat shape

formula for finding the volume of hollow dish

Area of rectangle is l x b. Where l is length and b is breath of the rectangle.

volume of cylinder = 1 * formula found from

The perimeter of a rectangle is the sum of its four sides. Perimeter= 2l+2w

Hell are you talking about?!? A radius is a dimension of a circle! A rectangle has no stinking radius!

It depends on the exact shape. For a square or rectangle, it would be length times width times height.

The volume of a rectangular prism can be found by the formula: volume=length*width*height

volume of a rectangle container is 2520 cubic centimetres volume of water in millilitres is 2520000

For finding the volume of a cube, or a rectangular prism, you multiply all of the dimensions (height*length*width=volume).

The formula for the surface area of a rectangle is:A = l x wwhere A is area, l is length, and w is width.

The formula is:Volume = 0Flat 2-dimensional figures don't have volume. In other words, they can't hold water. A figure is 2-dimensional if it can be drawn on paper.A rectangle has area ... the amount of space it covers on paper or on the ground.The formula for the area of a rectangle isArea = (Length) x (Width)

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