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I believe it is the same as on a tire, a Tread.

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What is the bottom of a shoe called?

The bottom of the shoe is called a sole. Sole means the underside of the foot or of a shoe or boot, often excluding the heel.

What are studs in football?

Studs are the blunt metal bits at the bottom of the shoe. There are usually 6 or 8 studs in one shoe. They are made for grip.

What is the name of the grip on your shoe?

The grip? Perhaps the tread.

What do track and field athletes have on the bottom of their shoe?

spikes, it helps the athletes get grip on the track so they won't slip.

What is the bottom part of a shoe called?


What Skate shoe has the best grip?

dc has the best grip

What are the things at the bottom of the horse shoe called?


What sport shoe has the best grip?

propably cleets the grip well

Why do you have good grip on your shoe include the name of the force?

because if the grip would not be proper then you might get slip or may fall down. as there would be no friction between the shoe and the road.

What is the meaning behind the horseshoe and star symbol?

I think the horse shoe is for the 1500s and it was made to put on the bottom of a horse hoove so it can grip the ground better but the star is a idk

Which shoe company produce shoes with cities on the bottom of the shoe?

The Nike shoe company

What is the bottom of a tap shoe called?

Well. Which part? The upper part is just called the toe, the further down part is called the heel.

What is a pistol butt?

The bottom of the grip of a handgun.

What are pistol butts?

The bottom of the grip of a handgun.

Where is your shoe which you lost in mosque?

you can find it on the bottom row of the shoe rack :)

What is a 5 letter word meaning shoe grip?

A 'tread', 'cleft' or 'cleat'.

What are your front teeth called?

Your front teeth, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom, are called incisors, and are used to grip, tear, and cut food into smaller pieces.

What is the bottom of the pistol called?

It all depends on what pistol you are talking about for example on the Revolver it is a grip panel where you hold the revolver, if you are talking about a Semi-Automatic Pistol, there are two things, the grip panel, and the ammo magizine.

Where does the casing for the p90 come out of?

The bottom of the pistol grip.

How does the skateboard stay on the skateboarder's feet when they are both off the ground?

It's the grip in the shoe like there are Many kinds like vans have like waffle grip it's all in the shoes grip

What do we call the bottom of a shoe?

The sole.

Bottom of the foot or the shoe?


What is a horse's shoe called?

It is called a horse shoe

Do you have to have a certain shoe to skateboard?

no but it is harder to skate with some shoes such as shoes with no grip ~awestling96~

What gives football boots a good grip?

it may be the spins present in back of the shoe