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Horse riding or Figure skating/hockey

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What sport do most kids play in paraguay?


What sport do kids play the most in America?


Is ice hockey the most expensive sport for kids to play?

Absolutely. Except for motocross or planes.Horse Riding is also Expensive, since horses are not cheap.Snow Skiing is not cheap either, equipment is expensive.

Do most kids play a sport?

Yes. Approximately 60-70% of the kids in the world play sports.

What percentage of kids play sport in Australia?

61% of kids in Australia play sport

Do kids play hammer the sport?

No they don't play hammer the sport.

What is the world's most expensive sport?

It might be Formula 1 racing. There are not many teams because few can afford to "play" at this sport.

What does kids do for fun in Madagascar?

they play soccer for fun. Infact it there most popular sport

What sport do kids play the most in Florida?

kids mostly play BasketBall in Florida.Im more of a streetballer since i know alot of streetball moves.

What is the most common sport kids like to play?

Well, i mostly see kids playing basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball..

What sport did Persia kids play?


What sport do most people play?

The Sport That People Play The Most Is BaseBall.

How many New Zealand kids play sport?

it is 5000 kids

Which sex is most likely to play sport?

males are most likely to play a sport

What do kids in Italy play?

Mostly they play soccer but they also play baseball, basketball, and cricket. But they probably do soccer because it is a very fun sport. It is also the most popular sport. They might play video games too.

How many kids play sport in America?


Percentage of kids who play a sport in the summer?


What sport do kids play in Africa?

cricket and soccer

Is it bad for kids to play or watch any sport?


Do kids and adults play football in Belgium?

football is the most popular sport there so I would have to say yes.

Most played sport in jamacia?

it is "Jamaican soccer" they play it in the hot heat after there chores are dun for the day it is mostly kids and teens that play this game.

What sport do Japanese kids play in winter?

ice skating..

How many kids play sport?

Roughly about 2.3 billion.

Should kids play soccer?

YES ! Why not ?! Its a Great sport.

What is the percentage of kids that play a sport and get bad grades?

42% of students play sports.