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What is the main role of a military attache?



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Military attaches that are assigned to embassys and legations are often technical officers. Battleships and battleship gunnery was a popular Naval Attache function during the 1920's between nations. Naval Attaches sometimes fulfilled the role of "official observers" of a war maneuver or gunnery exercise. During the Russian-Japanese War 1904-1905; British Naval "Observers" were present aboard the Japanese battleships during the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905. Captain William C. Pakenham, one the British Naval Officers, and some of his staff, observed first hand the 12" gunfire exchange between the Russian and Japanese Battleships at Tsushima. Captain Pakenham and his staff, wrote down their observations and submitted their reports to the British Admiralty. Less than five months after Tsushima, approval was granted for England to lay the keel of the new British battleship HMS Dreadnaught. In 1906 HMS Dreadnaught was launched; creating the FIRST new Arm's Race of the 20th Century. Today, historians note that modern (steel) battleships existing prior to 1906 are called PRE-Dreadnaughts and battleships produced from 1906 onward were known as DREADNAUGHTs. The decisive sea battle fought at Tsushima was a PRE-Dreadnaught naval battle. The IN-Decisive sea battle fought at Jutland in WW1 (1916) was a Dreadnaught naval battle. All thanks to the Military Attache!