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What is the mass of a baseball?


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Major league baseballs range from 142-149 grams or 5-5 1/4 ounces. According to the Physics Factbook, edited by Glenn Elert, written by his students. This is the weight of a Baseball in grams and pounds and ounces. So this Answer is bad!

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The mass of a baseball is typically 145 grams.

a baseball weighs 5 ounces

Th mass of a baseball in SI units is the amount of length it as the second power.

A baseball is 5 oz. (142 g)

The mass of the bat and the baseball.

A baseball plater cannot have a mass of 65 grams. A normal new born baby has a mass of more than 3000 grams! Having said that, his mass would be 0.14 pounds.

I'm pretty sure a marble has less mass

No! because a baseball is hard and a orange is squishy

A baseball has a mass in SI units of about 150 grams.Sources: California Physical Science book and My Great Brain ;)

150 grams or 0.150 kg :)

No - these are mass produced.

The speed of a baseball with a momentum of 5.8 kilograms m/s and a mass of 0.145 kilograms is

A baseball rolling along the floor has inertia. The amount of inertia depends on the mass of the object. The greater the mass or weight, the greater the inertia.

On earth, a mass of 5.306 kilograms weighs 52 newtons. That's some baseball ! More like a bowling ball.

according to the MLB the standard baseball bat is approximately 465 grams

The mass of a standtard baseball is between 0.142 and 0.149 kilograms.

Wood is an anisotropic material, meaning some parts of it are heavier than others. Wooden baseball bats thus have an uneven distribution of mass along the axis, which moves the center of mass away from the midpoint.

Force = (mass) x (acceleration) Acceleration = (force) / (mass) With the same force applied, a smaller mass has greater acceleration. A baseball has less mass than a shot has, so the same force gives it greater acceleration.

24 newtonsUnfortunately, the questioner asked for the massof a baseball, not its weight. Mass is measured in kilograms -any answers?A:Just divide the weight by g, the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s^2).This gives 2.4490 kg.However, the 24 N is not correct: a baseball is a lot less than 2.4490 kg.The mass is actually 145.5 grams +/- 2.4055%

the weight of a baseball is 5oz a normal bat in the mlb is 33 to 36in

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