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What is the most paid soccer player?


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Mia Hamm is the most payed soccer player in the world.


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the most paid soccer player is LIONEL MESSI 33 MILLION EURO A YEAR

Mia Hamm is paid the most in the world.

a soccer player gets paid $50,000,000each year!

The Mexican deffender Marques , who plays for Barcelona is the highest paid player.

who is the highest paid soccer player in the English premier soccer league

Lionel Messi: £210,000 per week.

Cristiano Ronaldo with 12.5M€\year.

Soccer players get paid in pounds in England , but in Europe they are paid in Euros.

It actually depends on who your playing for how good your team is and all that halabiloo but, soccer players are the most paid sport players so if you want to be a soccer player like moi, GOOD CHOICE! :)

In soccer, Zuma at Sundowns gets paid R200 000 a month.

the highest paid soccer player right now is Javier "chicharito" Hernandez

Far to much, most are overpaid primadonnas!!

The highest paid soccer player in the world is Christiano Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid.

The most payed player in the world is David Beckham, Messi and Ronaldihno. These are the top three paid player.

Christiano Ronaldo is the highest paid soccer player in Spanish La Liga. He is a member of Real Madrid, and has also gained fame playing for the Portuguese national team.

I believe it use to be France & Real Madrid player Zidane. I believe Cristiano Ronaldo, a player of Spain & Real Madrid, is the most paid player in the world now.

soccer player get piad between 100,000 1000,000 it is on how good you are

Quite simply, a professional soccer player is someone who is paid to play the game.

The highest paid soccer player in 1994 was Chris Sutton. He became the first player to 10,000 euros in a week when he was signed by Blackburn.

No it is most likely baseball or football but no its not soccer The perivous answer is wrong. The highest paid baseball player is paid 32 million (USD).The highest paid soccer player is David Beckham with 40 million. As well as, Cristiano Ronaldo (34 Million), and Messi (32 Million). The highest paid football player is paid 22 Million. (Peyton Manning). Some players in the NFL industries do not even make a million.

in 2009 the highest paid soccer player was ronaldinho,with $29.5 million U.S. dollars.

Samuel Eto'o. 3 year contract worth $28.8 Million

what are female soccer players getting paid in europe?

A professional soccer player is a deticated athlete that gets paid to play on a team.

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