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What is the most pitches a single pitcher has pitched in one game?


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To my knowledge, Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox, before he became a Red Sox player, threw 215 pitches lasting just under 15 innings. Because he throws the Knuckleball, he requires little effort to throw.


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On many occasions, a relief pitcher has come into the game, then been substituted without ever throwing even one pitch, so the answer to the question as worded is 0. The fewest pitches in a Major League game by a pitcher who pitched a complete game is 44, accomplished by Charlie Barrett.

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27 pitches. If a pitcher can get every batter out with one pitch then the total amount of pitches for the game for that pitcher will be 27.

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683 pitches is the most thrown a pitcher lol

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For each full inning pitched, calculate 1 into the IP. If a pitcher only pitches part of an inning, find the number of outs and calculate it into a decimal. For example, let's say a pitcher pitched 5 innings and left the game with two outs. His IP would be 5.2. The reliever for him pitches 2 innings and leaves the game with no outs. Since he came in with two outs and continued two more innings, he would have 2.1 IP. The closing pitches pitches the rest of the game, or 2 innings. He would have 2 IP.

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Charlie Barrett 1944 58 pitches!

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