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What is the most points a person has made from free throws?

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Wilt Chamberlain and Adrian Dantley both sunk 28 free throws in one NBA game.

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How many points are free throws worth in basketball?

Each made free throw is worth one point.

In 20 basketball games you attempted 90 free throws and made 18 of them express your success in making free throws as a percent?

18 made free throws / 90 attempted free throws 18/90 = 0.2 Success in making free throws = 20%

How many shots has magic Johnson made?

Magic made 12061 shots , 5860 are free throws, 1074 are 3 points, and 5137 are doubles

How many free throws made in a game?

you cant answer that because it does not specify what game when the game was or by which team made the free throws

What does FTM A stand for in the stats of basketball?

FTM = free throws made FTA = free throws attempted

Who had the most consecutive free throws made in the NBA?

Michael Williams, from the minnesota timberwolves in 93, made 97 straight free throws

What does FTM-A stand for in the stats of basketball?

FTM stands for free throws made. FTA stands for free throws attempted. The stat line shows how many free throws were made and attempted by a player or team.

If Tracy McGrady made 8 field goals 2 were three pointers and hit 7 free throws what was his total amount of points?


Karl made 474 out of 621 and john made 237 out of 287 what fraction benchmark is near the fraction of free throws made by each player?

john made 87.5% of the free throws

What is the highest number of basketball 'free throws' made by an individual in a NBA game?


Who holds record for most consecutive free throws made in ncaa?

Lauren Prohaska, a graduate from Bowling Green University. She made 73 consecutive free throws.

How many free throws has shaq made?

Throughout Shaq's career, he has made 5,935 out of 11,252 free throws. Check the link below for his career stats and totals.

Who holds the record for most free throws made in a row in a season of men's NCAA basketball?

Paul Cluxton holds the record for most consecutive free throws made during 1 season. Made 100% of his free throws (94/94) in 1997 for Northern Kentucky.

Who made the most free throws in career?

In the NBA, that would be Karl Malone with 9,787 made free throws. Malone also holds the career NBA record for free throw attempts with 13,188.

Cheryl made 7 out of 10 free throws Jim made 5 out of 8 free throws and francine made 3 out of 7 free throws Write the number of free throws made over the number of attempts as fractions for each pers?

Cheryl = 7/10 Jim = 5/8 Francine = 3/7 All you have to do is put "the out of number" on the bottom of the fraction and then the other number would go on top.

Who holds the record for most NBA free throws made in a row?

Michael Williams holds the record for the most NBA free-throws in a row. From March 24, 1993 until Nov. 9, 1993, he made 97 consecutive free throws with the Timberwolves.

How many free throws did shaq miss in NBA career?

4,595 missed free throws. 5,527 made 10,522 attempted. 52.5%

How many free throws have Kobe Bryant made?

95 in a row.

What is the average number of Free throws made by NBA teams?


FTM means what in a basketball stats line?

free throws made

What NCAA team holds the record for the most free throws made in one game?

Cal-Irvine, Samford and now OU are all tied at 34 free throws made without a miss.

How much are basketball goals?

In the game of basketball, points are scored when a player makes a basket in the opposing teams goal. The scoring of shots goes like this: any shot made inside of the "three point line" is two points, any shot made outside of the "three point line" is three points, and free throws made are one point each.

How many free throws did Michael Jordan make?

Michael Jordan attempted 8, 772 free throws during his career in basketball. This is the 4th most free throws in basketball league history. Of the 8,772 shots, he made 7,327. This is a .835 percentage.

What is the most consecutive free throws made by a male basketball player?


What does george mason basketball fans say after free throws are made?

GMU what?