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Jim Abbott. He began his career with the Anahiem Angels.

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Q: What is the name and team of the pitcher with a crippled hand who switches his glove back and forth?
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Can a pitcher wear a batting glove?

No. (only on his glove hand. Not on his pitching hand).

Can a pitcher wear a batting glove or wear a wrist band on his glove hand?


Who won the gold glove for the dodgers in 1988?

Pitcher Orel Hershiser. It was the only Gold Glove Award of his career.

Can a softball pitcher wear a glove on her pitching hand?

no, how will she pitch

Can you use a first baseman's glove at pitcher?

Yes I think

Can a player throw the ball with his glove?

It depends on the circumstance. A ball can be thrown with a glove to a base in an attempt to force or tag out a runner. A ball can be thrown to a cutoff man with a glove. However, a pitcher cannot pitch with his glove.

Pitcher won the Cy Young MVP and Gold Glove in the same year?


Can a pitcher use a first baseman's glove?

No a pitcher isn't supposed to use a 1st baseman's glove. however if you are talking about in a local league some umpires will not call you. i do by the way have had expierence where i had to change gloves during the game because i was called.

Baseball pitcher can he wear a white baseball glove during pitching?

no you cannot. you cant have any white on your glove or anything around your wrist ex. a wristband

What are the relay switches in a blazer glove box for?

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What happens if the ball is in the glove and in play when you take your glove off?

If you're still holding the glove you still have possession of the ball. You don't have to be wearing the glove. There was a play one time where the ball was hit to the pitcher and it got stuck in his glove, so he threw the whole glove to the first baseman. The batter was out because he still had control of the ball, even though it was still in somebody else's glove.

Why do catchers in baseball gesture their glove before they receive the ball?

it depends what you are talking about but sometimes it is to show the pitcher the location. But i catch and you are supposed to turn your glove in when the pitch is coming and then you open it just before the ball gets to your glove

What are those switches in your 1989 cadillac glove box for?

The one on top is to open the trunk. The one on the bottom is to open the fuel door.

What is a pitchers glove?

A pitcher glove, short stop, 2nd base, 3rd base and outfielders are usally all the same. 1st base and catcher are the only people who shouldn't use a "fielders glove" as most players call it.

Can you use a black and bright orange catchers glove in little league?

The only position that a distracting item can be removed by the umpire, is the pitcher. You could have a lime green glove as a catcher!!!

What is pitcher in baseball?

pitcher in baseball mean to catch the ball no the answer above is completely wrong the pitcher throws the ball towards home plate in a given strike zone of the batter and make it land in the catchers glove

Who is the only Red Sox pitcher to ever win a gold glove award?

Mike Boddicker in 1990.

What size baseball glove is right for a high school pitcher?

11 3/4-12 depending on size of hand. However for a pitcher it should be at least 11.5. Most prefer 12. Make sure glove does not have I or H posts, traps or closed webbing for pitching.

Why can't a little league pitcher have a white glove?

ususally they cannot because the batter could confuse it with the ball

If the pitcher threw the ball in the dirt before it reaches the catcher glove is this an error on the pitcher?

No, this would not be an error it would be ruled a wild pitch or passed ball, neither of which are charged with errors

Is it a written rule that a pitcher cannot wear a long white sleeve shirt under his uniform or use a white glove?


When is a caught fly baseball not an out?

When the pitcher balks. Or, when caught illegally such as with an illegal glove, or in your equipment (hat, mask,shirt, etc.).

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My fuse box is under the hood, passenger side, just in front of the battery. Never seen one in the glove box... I know of the relay switches being under the hood. The smaller fuses are behind the glove box. The glove box must be removed by slipping the glove box strap off the hook and letting the door roll down off its hinges.

Why is it better to have a catchers mitt rather than a regular glove?

It is better to have a catchers glove because it has a pocket for the ball to fit better and some gloves even have a different color on the sides to make a frame for the pitcher

What gear do you need to play softball?

It depends on the position your playing. If your playing Pitcher then a glove and a mask, !st base a glove, 2nd a glove, short stop a glove maybe a mask as well, 3rd a glove and a mask if wanted, catcher a glove, helmet, chest pad, sheen guards, and what ever else you need. But when you go up to bat a helmet and bat! And don't leave out the team uniform!:) lol Of course all positions need sunscreen, sunglasses, sliding shorts, a bat, a glove, cleats, batting gloves, an equipment bag, glove conditioner and a great attitude.