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What is the name to the 8 faced 3d shape?

A OctahedronThis shape has 8 faces.

What shape has 12 vertices 18 edges and 8 faces?

Octahedron is the name of any shape with 8 faces. A hexagonal prism has your requirements.

What is the name of a shape with 2 hexagon faces and 8 square faces?

hexagonal prism

What is the name of a 3d shape with 8 faces?

Octagon. * * * * * An octagon is 2-dimensional. The regular 3-d shape (all faces the same) is the octahedron, but a hexagonal prism also has 8 faces.

What shape has 8 verticals and 6 faces?

There is no shape with 8 vertical edges and 6 faces.

What is the name of OCTAGON on a 3d shape?

The question is ambiguous. An octagon is a 2-dimensional shape with 8 edges and 8 vertices. Does a 3-D octagonal shape mean one with 8 edges or 8 faces or vertices, or faces which are 2d octagons?

What shape has 8 faces and 10 letters?

octahedron - a polyhedron with 8 faces

What do you call a shape with 8 faces?

A shape with eight solid faces is called an octahedron.

What shape has 2 hexagon faces and 8 rectangle faces?

it is some sort of shape

What is the name of 3 dimensional shape with 8 faces?

An octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces, twelve edges, and six vertices

What is the name of a shape that has 5 faces 8 edges 6 vertices?

There is not a polyhedron with the given number of faces, edges and vertices.

This shape has 8 faces?

Its a Octagon * * * * * No. An octagon is a shape with 8 sides. 8 faces implies a 3-dimensional object, which would have to be an octahedron.

Shape with 8 faces?


A shape with 8 faces?


A shape that has 8 faces?


3d with 8 faces?

A 3-D shape that has 8 faces is a hexagonal prism. This is a shape that is formed on a hexagon-shaped base.

What shape has 12 edges 6 faces and 8 vertices?

what shape has 6 faces,12 edges,and 8 vertices

What polyhedron that 8 faces and the faces shape is equilateral triangle?

The answer is a polyhedron

What is a 3-D shape with eight faces?

A 3-D shape with 8 faces is an octahedron.

What is the name of the shape that has 6 faces?

It is a cube or a cuboid which also has 12 edges and 8 vertices

What shape has 12vertices and 8 faces?

We don't have a shape since a shape is a flat plane. We call that a prism.The prism that has 12 vertices and 8 faces is called a hexagonal prism.

How many faces does a 3D L shape have?


What is a shape called with 8 faces?

An octahedron

What 3d shape has 8 faces?


What is a shape with 8 triangular faces?


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