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What is the official scoring for the batter when the baserunner gets hit with a batted ball?


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The runner is out, the ball is dead,all runners return to their original base, and the batter receives a base hit

AnswerThe batter is awarded a single

Added information: This was recently (past few years) changed. Now, the batter is awarded a base hit only if the official scorer judges that the ball would have been a hit had it not touched a runner. Otherwise the batter is on base with a fielder's choice!


The official scoring is single, and the runner is out (unassited putout awarded to the nearest fielder)


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No, a batter will not receive a RBI in the event of a baserunner scoring a run on a passed ball. The batter will have to hit a batted ball in order to score a baserunner. Hitting after a passed ball will not be counted as a run scoring play regardless of the following outcome of the batter's at-bat.

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The baserunner is out and the batter is credited with a single. The putout goes to the fielder closest to the ball when it hit the runner.

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If a batted ball hits a baserunner in fair territory, the baserunner is out and the batter is awarded first base. If the baserunner is in foul territory and is hit by a batted ball it is just a foul ball. If a baserunner is hit by a thrown ball the ball is still in play, unless it is determined that the baserunner purposely moved into the path of the thrown ball, or is running out of the base path, then the baserunner is out for interference.

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If the batter is outside of the box when contact is made, the batter is out.

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That batter would be called out. If the ball goes directly from his bat to hitting the batter when they are not in the batters box, the batter is out. If a defensive player deflects the ball before it touches the batter then play continues as normal.

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