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What is the post and the wing?


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An offensive position played close to the basket along the key.


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Typically in younger kids games the positions are Point Guard, Wing, Wing, Post, Post. But with NBA and leagues like that, they are, Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Power Forward, Small Forward, and Center

"Because of the shape of a wing, air moves across the top of the wing more slowly than the air passing beneath the wing. This cause higher pressure on the bottom of the wing, which is called lift" this is the problem with the internet, people post rubbish and other people believe it. Mate, you got it the wrong way around, due to the shape of the airfoil air travels faster on top of the wing, this causes lower pressure, and below the wing air travels alot slower, causing higher pressure. This faster air travelling above the wing is then directed downwards once it passes the trailing edge of the wing, due to newtons third law a reaction force provides a force upwards, this is what generates lift. get your facts correct before you post.

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If you are referring to the distance from wing tip to wing tip, it is usually called "wingspan".

both the birds wing and the airplane wing are curved on top

Move the painting from the cubism wing to the impressionism wing.Move the painting from the impressionism wing to the expressionism wing.Move the painting from the expressionism wing to the realism wing.Move the painting from realism wing to the cubism wing.You are moving the paintings clockwise to the next gallery.

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Yes, the word 'wing' is both a noun (wing, wings) and a verb (wing, wings, winging, winged).Examples:Our seats are over the wing of the plane. (noun)He feels enough confidence to wing it on his own. (verb)

YEP.,.........i'll post it to ya soon. I had problem needed to get rida luner gives all items EXCEPT luner wing. My email is Dont have code right now:(

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When the curvature of the wing increases, air moving across the top of the wing moves more rapidly. The increased difference in speed between the air above the wing and the air below the wing will help to cause an increased lift on the wing.

The outboard end of a wing.

a wing tht has a stick

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