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What is the probability of having twins if your dad is a twin?


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I'm not sure on the actual percentages. It firstly depends on if your father is an identical or non-identical twin. (Maternal or fraternal) Non-identical (fraternal) twins are the hereditary type, not the identical ones. Identical twins are simply a hiccup with the cell division during fetal growth, whereas non-identical twins are due to the hereditary tendency of the woman releasing more than one egg at a time. The gene for non-identical twins is directly passed from fathers to daughters, and the chance of having twins usually skips a generation too (like baldness in men!). So, if your father is a twin (a non-identical twin) and you are his daughter, it's possible that you may also have twins, but it's far more likely that your daughter will. My father is a twin (his brother died at birth and it's not known if he was maternal or fraternal unfortunately) and I only have 1 child (a daughter). She has a very high chance of having twins if dad was fraternal.