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to obtain as much supernatant as posible

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What is the purpose of sterile surgical clothing?

to maintain asepsis in the operating room.

What is the purpose of a cotton plug at the end of a sterile pipette?

It functions as a barrier to overfilling.

What is the purpose of sterile pipette?

It prevents contamination between different sample or treatments.

Can a hot tub make a guy sterile?

Not sterile but it can surely reduce the viability of your sperm. The testicular sac is situated outside the body for just this purpose. The heat weakens the sperm mobility.

What is the purpose of flaming the inoculating loop before and after use?

the purpose of flaming the loop after and before is to sterile the loop, prevent contamination and to kill the bacteria on the loop...

If a sterile field becomes wet with sterile solution is the field no longer considered sterile?

If a sterile field becomes "contaminated" with a sterile solution, the field remains sterile.

How do you take the sterile gauze from sterile bin?

sterile gloves

Does family dollar have contact eye solution?

Yes they do. They have a sterile Multi-Purpose Solution, a pack of 2 for 5 dollars.

Is the stomach sterile?

No it's not sterile

Why is it incorrect to say that an object is partially sterile?

This definition is only one or the other. Either sterile or non-sterile. There is no such thing as partially sterile.

Is more important for microscope slide to be sterile or clean?

Sterile is clean and clean is sterile, so both

Is mucous membranes sterile?

Are mucous membranes sterile

Should tracheostomy care be sterile or aseptic?


How is gauze sterile?

Sterile means that there are no germs or bacteria on it. Usually gauze pads come sterile which means they are clean. The will not be sterile if the container is torn open before hand.

Why is a sterile field considered contaminated if you turn your back to the field?

A sterile field is considered contaminated if you turn your back to the sterile field because the sterile items are considered out of vision.

What are the principles of aseptic technique?

PRINCIPLES 1. Only sterile items are used within the sterile field. 2. Gowns are considered sterile only from waist to shoulders level in front and the sleeves. 3. Tables are sterile only at table level. 4. Persons who are sterile touch only sterile items or areas; persons who are not sterile touch only unsterile items or areas. 5. Unsterile persons avoid reaching over a sterile field; sterile persons avoid leaning over an unsterile area. 6. Edges of anything that encloses sterile contents are considered unsterile. 7. Sterile field is created as close as possible to time of use. 8. Sterile areas are continuously kept in view. 9. Sterile persons keep well within the sterile area. 10. Sterile persons keep contact with sterile areas to a minimum. 11. Unsterile persons avoid sterile areas 12. Destruction of integrity of microbial barriers results in contamination. 13.Microorganisms must be kept to an irreducible minimum

Is pee sterile?

urine is virtually sterile and nearly odorless.

Give sentence of word sterile?

He is a very sterile Hobo.

Can sleeping nude make a man sterile?

No this will not make him sterile.

What is the Difference between sterile and non sterile gloves?


Is the human lung sterile?

The healthy human lung is sterile

Is the urinary system sterile or nonsterile?

The urinary system is sterile

Can Shingles make you sterile?

Shingles won't make you sterile.

When was Sterile Records created?

Sterile Records was created in 1979.

Does sterile water have to be refrigerated?

Sterile water does not have to be refrigerated. However, to remain sterile, it must be kept in a clean, sealed container.