What is the quickest and most profitable manner to price and sell a set of Mickey Mantle memorabilia comprising a ball a card a glove and a cleat with each individually signed and authenticated?

If you sell your memorabilia to a dealer you will only get about half the market value, more or less depending on the popularity of the item, and the length of time the dealer thinks it would take to resell the item. You would want to sell to a collector to get the full market value.

Auction houses are great place to sell valuable pieces of memorabilia. They will get you the most exposure to targeted collectors, and that will translate to a higher selling price. eBay is also a good venue for selling collectibles. You can do just as well but must be good at describing the item thoroughly, use good pictures to show the item, and having a good reputation as a seller will help get more value. There are plenty of hard core collectors shopping on eBay, and spending big money.

Shop around on line for a few Auction houses like Heritage Auctions (ha.com), or robertedwardauctions.com and see who offers you the most for your needs. With a little work you could do just as well on eBay, and keep in mind to charge proper packing and shipping cost. For more information on Mickey Mantle memorabilia, visit the link I left below.