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i believe its 59 by Orel Hershiser, however, it would have been 67 had the postseason counted

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The Major League Baseball team with the most consecutive scoreless innings is 56 by the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have held that record since 1903.

Well this isn't the all time answer, but i know for a fact the Yankees just held the Red Sox to a Red Sox team record 31 scoreless in their sweeping of the Red Sox tonight

In 1966, the Baltimore Orioles did not give up one single run -- earned or unearned -- to the L.A. Dodgers in the last 33 innings of the Series.

In 1903 the Pittsburg Pirates were held scoreless for 52 innings.

In 1910 The Portland Beavers won their second Pacific Coast League title, achieving a remarkable record in the process; the Beavers pitchers threw a baseball record 88 consecutive shutout innings.

Any team that had an opposing pitcher throw a perfect game or no hitter

The Baltimore Orioles shut out five straight games in 1995 and kept the opponents scoreless for 48 innings.

NL - 56 - Pittsburgh, June 1 to June 9, 1903. AL - 54 - Baltimore, September 1 to September 7, 1974.

The Red Sox record is 45 shutout innings by Cy Young of the 1904 team. During this streak he pitched 25 1/3 hitless innings, still a major league record. The American League record for shutout innings is 56 by Walter Johnson of the 1913 Washington Senators.

baseball21 new york yankees As of August 9th 2009 2054 hundred hours it is the Boston REDSOX at 26 innings and still counting.On June 27 2012, the LA Dodgers extended their scoreless streak to 30 innings by losing to the SF Giants by a shutout for the third straight game. The Dodgers next chance to extend their streak comes June 28 2012 vs. the NY Mets.

I'm not sure about the total by one team... but the most total by one player was Orel Hershiser of The Dodgers when he went 59 innings in a row without giving up a run.AnswerMost consecutive shutout innings pitched by a team: In the National League, the Pittsburgh Pirates, 56 innings, from 6-01-1903 to 6-09-1903. In the American League, the Baltimore Orioles, 54 innings, from 9-01-1974 to 9-07-1974. The 1969 Mets finished off that season throwing 4 consecutive shutouts and 3 of them against the Phils before ending the season against the Cubbies. I think at that time it was the record for one team throwing consecutive shutout inning against another.

Canada holds the record for the lowest innings total of 36 vs SriLanka in ODI.

Sri Lanka has the record of Highest innings total in Twenty20 Match. It was against Kenya in Sep.2007.

I will say it is will wright he had 690 innings pitch in a season.

No. If the home team is leading after 8 1/2 innings, the game is over. There is no option available for the home team to bat.

Its atleast 35 as the Houston Astros went 35 innings without scoring

Montreal has been playing since 1917, making them the longest team to play consecutive seasons.

Ateneo de Manila High School Track and Field team of the Philippines holds the record of the longest consecutive winning streak, from 1979 to 1998

the 1903 pittsburgh Pirates were held scoreless for 52 innings.p>

The Dallas Cowboys from 1966 to 1985 (20 seasons) hold the record for most consecutive winning seasons.

Detroit Tigers, from September 9-13, 1908, played in 5 consecutive extra-inning games, winning 2 and losing 3.

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