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It depends on the type of font the team uses on their jerseys

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What size are the numbers on volleyball jerseys?

4in on the front and in on the back.

Why do some nfl jerseys have letter sizes and some number sizes?

Different system for Authentic jerseys and Replica jerseys. Authentic jerseys use the number system and Replicas go by letters. For ex- a Authentic jersey size 50 is equivalent to a L, a 52 is equivalent to a XL and so on.

Whats the size difference between authentic and replica jerseys?

Authentic jerseys are made to the exact specifications of real Game used jerseys. Replica jerseys are similar, but not as detailed. See the 'jersey glossary' below.

If you are 5 feet 4 inches what size of soccer jerseys?

size 12-16

What size is 48 in NFL jerseys?

It's a medium.

What size NFL football jersey should you buy?

these are NFL jerseys size: 48-M, 50-L, 52- XL, 54- XXL Www nfljeresysbiz Com wholesale all jerseys, top quality low price!

How big is a 32b bra size?

the number is the cup size its kinda small but good size if you breast are barely growing, and the letter is the size of the straps that tie on your back,

Where can you buy a NFL size football?

you can google search "NFL jerseys china" for cheap football jerseys, then you can see nfljerseysbiz is the best quality, low price(and free shipping, tax), best service online

How big are 32DD breasts?

The number 32 is the size of the female back. The DD or (Double D) is the size of the breast, equivalent to a grapefruit.

What sizes do football jerseys come in?

It depends on the style of jersey..some have a specific size while others are just sold as S, M, L, XL and XXL. You can buy kids jerseys too (and women's). See link.

What is the size of a baseball?

The size of a baseball is about 9 inches in circumference.

Is number 1 in the front or back of the coil pack?

depends upon what make and the size of the engine.

Baseball field size?

A baseball field does not have a standard size. They can vary in shape and size and major league baseball fields are larger than most.

Is a size 28E a big bra size?

Your bra size is made up of a number, the back size, and a letter, the cup size. The size 28E means the woman has a small back size, and a large cup in relation to her frame. However her breasts will not be large next to a woman with say 34D bra size. Contrary to popular belief this is no where near impossible to find, many specialist bra and lingerie companies stock this size.

What is window size in Go Back n and selective repeat error control technique in data link layer?

In Selective Repeat, the sender's window size start out at 0 and grows to some predefined maximum Sequential Number (max_seq). Receiver window size in contrast always fixed and equal to Maximum Sequential Number. In Go Back N, the receiver window size is 1.

What size is large for testicles?

baseball size

A baseball field is approximately what size?

It's about the size of a baseball field. Hope this helps

What is a size 1?

size 1 = size 8, size 2 = size 10, size 3 = size 12, size 4 = size 14 and size 5 = size 16. Well, at least it is for Hollister clothes and the American clothes I've bought. Hope this helps a little. ( the number before the '=' is the American number, also the number after the sign is the Europe number)

What is number 8 size screw?

The next size larger from a number 6 size screw.

What size NFL jersey does a 5 foot 10-11inches 200-210 pound guy buy?

That's my size and I wear an XL. These are NFL jerseys size: 48-M, 50-L, 52- XL, 54- XXL

Is it the size of cells or the number of cells that determines the size of an animal?

Cell number and cell size both determine the size of an animal.

Is mercury the size of a baseball?

it depends how big the baseball is

What size jersey do you buy for a bantam hockey player?

If you go to you can custom design hockey jerseys online...and there's a handy size chart available for each jersey style right on the page, so you can decide what size to get based upon the player's measurements.

Can you use senior league baseball bats in Major League Baseball?

No. There is only set size for the MLB. You would not be able to get away with a bat of a different size.A player usually has about 5 bats that is specifically 'his'. That is why you see players put their bats back into 'cubbies' when they go back to the bench.They are allowed to add their personal preference of pine tar to the bat, which is why they have their own.

Does a broken knuckle ever get back to original size?

it depense on how it brakes and it may not get original size back