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What is the square area called on basketball backboard?


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2006-03-22 23:31:50
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Box Square area painted or taped above the rim on the backboard.


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square up, find an open area , focus, and aim for the backboard or the back of the rim

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The box inside the backboard of a basketball goal has an area of 0.59 meters by 0.45 meters. The bottom of the box sits 0.15 meters above the bottom edge of the backboard.

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72" x 42" found answer @ this website hope it helps moemix

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The backboard of a basketball goal is typically 1.80 meters by 1.05 meters in area. The diameter of the rim of the basket is 0.45 meters.

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Square meters are a measure of area, not length. Therefore you could use square meters to measure the area of a basketball court.

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