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Home on the Range is the state song of Kansas.

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When did Kansas state song become there state song?

"Home on the Range" is the official state song of Kansas. It became Kansas' official state song in 1947.

What state has the state song of home on the range?

Kansas state

What is the Kansas state song?

Home on the range

Kansas state song?

"Home on the Range"

What the state kansas song?

Home on the Range

What state has Home on the Range as its song?


What is the state song of Kansas?

Home on the Range

Which states song is home on the range?

The state song of Kansas is "Home on the Range. " This song is a reminder of the early settlers of Kansas who were cowboys and ranchers.

What state's song is Home on the Range?

The state that has the song, Home on the Range, as the state song is Kansas. The song was written by Dr. Brewster M. Higley.

What States State Song Is Home On The Ronqe?

Kansas, the Breadbasket, the Sunflower State.

What state is known as the Sunflower state?

The nickname "Sunflower State" calls to mind the wild flowers of the plains of Kansas, the officially recognized state flower.The highest elevation in Kansas is on Mt. Sunflower! The Kansas state tree is the Cottonwood and the song is Home On The Range.

What is a fun interesting fact about kansas?

its state bird is the western meadowlark and the state song is home on the range

Who is the original author of the song 'Home on the Range'?

Dr. Brewster M. Higley wrote this song which is the state song for Kansas, USA.

What is the song in the state farm dirty secret commercial?

kansas- the point of know return

Song the Chinese guy is singing to on the state farm commercial?

"Point of No Return" by Kansas

What song artist was forced to cancel his 2005 appearance at the Kansas State Fair?

Carl Perkins

What is the song the Chinese guys in the state farm commercial is singing along to?

"Point of no Return" by Kansas.

What state is Kansas?

Kansas is the 34th state in the is the sunflower state.

What number state is Kansas?

Kansas is the 34th state.

Kansas state drink?

Kansas does not have a State drink.

What state is Kansas State University in?

Manhattan, Kansas

What is the state fruit of Kansas?

The US state of Kansas does not have an official state fruit.

What is the state stone of Kansas?

Actually,there is no state stone of Kansas.

What is the Kansas state animal?

The state animal in Kansas is the buffalo

What is the state plant of Kansas?

The state flower of Kansas is the sunflower.