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What is the team with the ball in football?


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if you have the ball in your possession then your on offense if not your on defense


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the team that has the ball in their possession

Offense is when the team has the ball

A team would decide to punt the football in their final down. They would punt the ball to relinquish the ball if the team is struggling to win the game.

Play football by kicking the ball And trying to shoot the ball into the goal And if you do your team gets a point

The Offensive Team is the one in possession of the ball.

A tackle helps your team from the other team getting the ball. So if I tackled someone in football I am trying to help my team win.

a foot ball team has an arganisational structure.

when a team hikes the ball and attempts to score.

Kick the ball to another player in your team.

No. The word football is a compound noun, for a ball game or the ball used in it. It can be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns as in football game, football team, and football trophy.

on offense you give your ref the ball and on incomplete passes you give them the ball

Team B will get the ball where the field goal was kickedfrom. They do not get it from the spot where the ball is snapped from.

As soon as the ball is touched by a member of the receiving team, the ball is live and can be recovered by either team. (If the receiving team does not touch the ball, then a player from the punting team can only down the ball, not recover it.)

please tell me the name of foot ball team of Paris

The phrase is spelled "football team". Football is a compound word made from combining "foot" and "ball". Team is a separate word.

where does the arsenal foot ball come from

A punter is the person that kicks the ball to the opposing team.

A running back is the player on the offense of a football team who is usually running the ball.

yes it is a mixture of football soccer and basket ball

It depends:In the NFL, it is from the spot that the ball was placed for the kicker.In College and High School, it is from the line of scrimmage where the ball was snapped.

The ball is put into play when the center hikes the football.

The ball is thrown by a player on one team to a teammate- but is caught by a member of the other team.

football is when you have a team and you have to move the ball the the goal to get points while in tennis you use a raquet and you have to hit the ball towards the ground to get a point.

Football in America is a contact sport that has 11 players on each team. Badminton is a racket sport that has one, sometimes 2 players on each team. In football the ball can be kicked or tossed. In badminton a ball is hit with a racket.

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