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Boiling and evaporation are not identical processes: boiling is produced at the boiling point and evaporation occur under the boiling point. The boiling point of water is at 760 mmHg oC.

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What happens to the temperature of boiling water?

The boiling point of water is 100 degrees celsius. The water will evaporate at boiling point. By the way what do you mean "what happens to the temperature of boiling water" if you think about it, it does not make sense.

What temperature does boiling water start to evaporate?

The boiling point of water is 100 oC at 760 mm Hg.

What causes water to evaporate faster?

When water reaches its boiling point (100oC), it starts to evaporate. If you want the water to evaporate faster, you just have to raise the temperature.

What temperature is needed to separate magnesium chloride from water?

The water will slowly evaporate on its own at room temperature, but boiling temperature will do it much faster!

Does water have to boil to evaporate?

The physical state change from liquid to gas usually occurs at boiling. However water can evaporate at room temperature. Evaporation is not boiling, it is a process by which surface molecules of water are escaping into the air.

What temperature does water evaporate at?

It will evaporate at any temperature, as long as the humidity is less than 100%. It does evaporate much faster at higher temperatures though. Technically the boiling point of pure water is 100 degrees C, so that is the temperature at which it becomes gas.

Does water evaporate without boiling?

Evaporation (not vaporization) occur at any temperature; a higher temperature increase the rate of evaporation.

What is the temperature when boiling water starts to evaporate?

There is no such temperature to start evaporating. Even in the room temperature or in a refrigerator, water does evaporate. When a particular water molecule absorbs adequate energy (let's say from heat), there will be a phasechange in that molecule from liquid to gas, and it's called evaporation.

How do you evaporate water from salt water?

Try boiling the water. The water will evaporate and leave the salt behind.

What does boiling point?

Boiling point means the temperature a substances starts to boil or evaporate

Why doesn't the salt evaporate with the water if salt water is boiled?

The boiling point of salt is much much higher than the boiling point of water. So the salt stays behind while the temperature of the water remains at the boiling point of water.

At what temperature does water evaporate more rapidly?

212 degrees in Fahrenheit and 100 degrees in Celsius or "the Boiling point."

When measuring the temperature of boiling water the temperature often comes out highter than 100c why might this happen?

Impurities. Impurities in water will cause the water to evaporate at a slightly higher temperature than 100 deg C. If you where to use distilled water it would evaporate at 100 deg C.

How many joules are required to evaporate 1 gram of boiling water?

2,260 joules are required to evaporate 1 gram of boiling water.

Why doesn't water evaporate in room temperature?

water boils at 100o C.but room temperature may not rise to that much. only after boiling it may be converted to the gaseous state.

When does water start to evaporate when its boiling?

The boiling point of water at 760 mmHg is 100 oC.

How long to evaporate boiling water?

its depends on how impure the water is

What ways can water evaporate?

Evaporation occur at any temperature; boiling occur at 100 oC and 760 mm Hg.

What causes water to evaporate from Earth's surface?

Water evaporate at any temperature; temperature favors evaporation.

What temperature does Mercury evaporate?

The boiling point of Mercury is 356.73 °C

What will happen to the temperature of the surroundings when water evaporate?

The temperature of the surroundings when water evaporate decrease because water is an endothermic process.

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