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What is the value of a Darne side-by-side shotgun Halifax series?


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2005-06-29 15:48:00
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Price ranges are detailed in the Blue Book of Gun values


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The Darne sliding breech shotgun comes to mind.

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Alain Darne has written: 'Diario de Neron'

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A fillet is a Boneless cut of Salmon, a Darne is a cross-cut of Salmonin including the backbone.

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Maybe not. Time period and geography is correct for the early version of the Darne shotgun. The breechblock opens to the right for loading. Should have a circle with the word DARNE underneath the barrels. I think you're trying to describe a "Zulu" shotgun. These were old military muskets converted to 12 gauge shotguns. Sold around the world for as little as $2 and might bring $100 today. You have the time period right, but more likely in Belgium than France. There is probably an ELG proof mark on the barrel.

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