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What is the value of a Duke Snider Rawlings baseball glove?

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2008-03-01 05:15:39

Duke Snider Baseball gloves sell between $35. -$135. in

excellent to near/mint condition. As with all collectibles

condition is most important on the value providing that the item is


Common flaws with Gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing,

Dry or cracking leather, ripped or missing manufacturer label, worn

printing/player endorsement on the glove, and the name of the owner

of the glove hand written on it. All or any will effect the value.

The model, and make of the glove will also effect the vale. Check

the site from the link I left below for gloves similar to yours.

For more information on baseball gloves, dating and help in grading

your glove visit the link below. Baseball Glove Grading Guide.

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