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What is the value of a JC Higgins Ranger 22 6 shot revolver with numbers 948556 583990?

Around $140.

How much is a jc Higgins single action revolver bb gun?

Please state the model and the condition of the revolver. Without that no estimate of value can be determined.

Will an HKS 22hr speedloader work with a 22 caliber JC Higgins Model 88 revolver?

Your revolver is 9 shot revolver any speed loader made for a 9 shot 22 revolver might work but I have never seen such a thing

How old is a JC Higgins Ranger revolver serial 1057079?

Late 1950's. 1961

Where do you buy parts for a JC Higgins model 88 revolver?

Want ads, gun shops, gun shows.

Where can you buy parts for a Sears 583.991 JC Higgins Model 90 Revolver?

Contact us, we have parts.

Where can you purchase a JC Higgins Model 90 revolver?

Check the two big online gun auction sites, and

What is the value of a JC Higgins 22 caliber revolver?

Assuming you have the Model 88, $150-$180 in excellent condition.

Where can you get a 9-shot cylinder for a 22 caliber J C Higgins revolver?

We have one on eBay right now. Item # 250128267184

What is the value of the box for a Colt Army Special revolver from the 1930s without the gun?

$25-$50, depending on condition of the box, paperwork, etc.

What is slang for excellant?

"Boss" "Fresh"

What is the history behind the 9-shot 22 caliber JC Higgins Ranger?

Made for Sears by High Standard, and is a version of the Double-Nine revolver.

Who won the snooker world championship 2011?

John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.John Higgins.

Where can i find Jc Higgins revolver sealed 8 target schematic?

Try, gun shows, gun shops, on line searches, want ads.

What company manufactured the JC Higgins model 90 9 shot 22 caliber SN 1197734?

Made by High Standard and is a version of their Sentinel revolver.

How much is a H R 22 revolver worth?

In excellant shape, about 185-200 bucks. You can buy used in pawn shops for about $65.00 To $125.00 depending on the shape of the gun. I take it yours is a 9 shot and takes long rifle ammo?

What is rank in India k c laboratories?


What is the value of a 9-shot JC Higgins Model 90 revolver?

your J C Higgins model 90 was based the J C Higgins model 88 and is some what harder to find model a model 90 in NRA excellent condition is worth between 125.00 and 175 .00 the model 90 was made from 1958 to 1962 by High Standard manufacturing for Sears

What is the difference between a 38 special revolver and aregular revolver?

38 special is only a revolver caliber. that's like saying a 44 magnum revolver or a 500 special revolver. a revolver is a revolver

When was the jc Higgins 126.19370 bb revolver made?

126.1937 was made for Sears by Crosman Airgun. It is a western 45, six shooter. first made by PY Hahn then Crosman bought them out. It is a fill replica of an Army Single Action Revolver. Mfg 1958-1970. In 1970 it became the "Frontier 36."

Who was Andrew Higgins?

Andrew Higgins owned and founded Higgins Industries. They were based out of New Orleans and manufactured "Higgins Boats".

What did Thomas Paine think of the English Navy?

He did not like it and he thought it was excellant

What is the value of a daisy 22 excellant condition?

50-300 usd

Need value of a j c Higgins 22 cal 9 shot pistol never fired and pistol case included?

There were a few different models of 9 shot .22 revolver sold by Sears under the JC Higgins brand. Value would depend on exact model, but somewhere in the $200 range.

What is the value and age of a JC Higgins 22 cal model 90 9 shot revolver?

Those were made in the late 1950's, and bring around $140. 1958 or 1959 through 1963

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