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What is the value of a Ted Williams Larona mdl 153512740 made eibar Spain?


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i inherited my Ted Williams Larona over and under. My father in law told me it was worth at least 1500 - 2500 dollars. mine was bought new in the early to mid 70's


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Antxon Urrusolo was born in 1954, in Eibar, Spain.

The population of Eibar is 27,378.

Spain. Likely pre-Spanish Civil war.

Apache was the trade name of Ojanguren y Vidosa, Eibar, Spain. Modest quality and price. Depending on condition, $50-150.

Eibar Coa was born on 1971-02-15.

it was made in Spain and the metal is questionable for safety reasons. little value.

Manufactured Eibar, Spain. Imported to the US in 1986 by SAE, Inc. of Miami, FL.

Good usable double shotgun from the Eibar region of Spain. Imported by Tradewinds during the 1970's. Value up to $350.

Unfortunately, Star is no longer in business, and there is no public database of production.

Felix was a shotgun manuf. of Eibar, Spain. Side by sides were imported by Sarasqueta of North America of Coral Gables, Fla.

Animo is (was) a shotgun manufacturer in Eibar Spain. Most likely your shotgun is a side by side model.

The exact value of a 410 gauge side by side made by Zaballa Hnssbrg Eibar actually depends on a number of things. A couple of these things would be the age and condition of the firearm.

On line acution, Cornell pubs, want ads, gun shops, gun shows

You must identify the manufacturer of the gun to be able to determine the date of manufacture. If the lettering on the barrel says "38 SW CTG", then look on the underside of the barrel. If you find the word "EIBAR", then the gun was made in Spain sometime between about 1910 and 1935 by any of the small gun makers in the Eibar region of Spain. Value is maybe $150 in good condition on a good day.

Gaspar Arizaga was a well known gunmaker in Eibar Spain. They made pistols and shotguns of varying quality. Many of these were "Ruby" style pistols, made in the 1930s. The company began making shotguns in 1895, and went out of business in 1987. 7.65mm is the Euro designation for .32 ACP (.32 auto).

Eibar is a location in Spain where there are a lot of gun makers. It is not a company, brand or model. We would need more information to offer a value. Sorry.

There was no Crescent Firearms Co after 1935 when the company was purchased by Savage/Stevens.

Davidson Firearms of Greensboro NC imported shotguns in about the mid 1960s. ABOUT $150-$200, depending on exact model and condition. Nice boxlock guns from Eibar Spain.

The area of Eibar Spain was home to a host of small gun makers. That is also where yours was proof tested. It was imported by EIG of Florida (owned by Saul Eig) They are generally well made utility grade guns of modest value. If you remove the barrels, on the flat of the underside (known as the water table) there may be markings that indicate the maker. The numbers are the metric designation of choke diameter (I THINK full and modified choke) EIG has been gone for some time, with little information on the variety of guns they imported.

Blue Book of Gun Values ============= It depends on the condition and whether it has the markings for a pistol used by the French military in WWI. In general, these and other Eibar region "Ruby-type" pistols currently (late 2010) sell for about $100-$300. Beistigui Hermanos (Brothers) was a well-known firearms manufacturer, but in the US few people collect Spanish handguns. (Eibar is a city in the Basque region of Spain, an area long known for firearms manufacturing. Dozens of small Eibar-area firearms manufacturers made almost a million Ruby-type automatics for the French military in WWI, most in .32 ACP / 7.65mm. Most of these companies went out of business by the end of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.)

50-100 and 75-150More for double action +/or nickel models, (if you can find someone who's willing to sell them.)

BOST ARMAS EIBAR SPAIN These Shotguns Are very Rare and are starting to get the attention from serious collectors. Bost shotguns are Manufactured in Eibar Spain and are all hand made. The scroll work on the metal and etching in the wood are done by hand and not stamped. Not to be confused with Boss company of England. There are five gun manufacturer's in the Basque town of Eibar Spain within walking distance of each other. Most of the Bost rifles and shotguns were made and custom fitted for clients who wanted the quality of a hand made rifle pistol or shotgun But didnt want to spend fifty thousand dollars and wait three years as you would for a Boss. A Bost shotgun can range in the range of $200 to $3000 depending on the condition of the gun and the detail of the design. They are a tight gun well built and have the guild stamped of the craftsmen that built it on the barrels,frame or recievers. Some will have the initials of the owner it was commisioned for. Spainish Firearms are not the most desired firearms in the world but they make some nice ones. It depends on your taste. Some people would never own a Reminton or a Belgium made firearm I hope this helped you out a little more. Remember they are very rare here in the U.S

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