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What is the value of a Ted Williams model 200 12 gauge with a 3 inch chamber?


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It's the same as a Winchester 1200 - but will sell for less - maybe $200 if it's nice.

AnswerThanks, I bought it new around 78 or so. I was told that it should interchange with Winchester parts but I have not yet needed any!

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In Excellent condition $200-250 It is a High Standard model actualy.

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According to my brother-in-law, yes. He also has a Sears Ted Williams 12 gauge shotgun with 2.75 inch chamber, model number 300, with silver trigger. His about 40 years old in mint condition and he is looking for a value too. Stock is decorated with silver and ingraving. 1/12/08

The Springfield 20 gauge model 94-B is valued at between $75 and $100. It has a 32 inch barrel, and a 2 3/4 inch chamber.

It is a Savage/Stevens Model 94, and the barrel has been cut off. Value is minimal.

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I would say about $250 in good condition. San Diego, CA

The Sears 200 is a slightly modified Winchester 1200. Value in excellent condition is around $150.

I just purchased a Sears Model 200. It is not a "Ted Williams" model and it is only 2 and 3/4" chamber. I paid $125.00. I'm sure yours is worth more.

I recently sold one in perfect condition for $300. According to an internet site, this model was made for Sears by Winchester and is the same as their mdl 1400.

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Paid 50 for mine in excellent condition 70s model. But I think a fair value would be between $100 and $150

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I paid 125.00 for one 4 years ago. ted willims model 300 12 guage semi-automatic in decent shape.

This is a Winchester 1200 with a Sears name. The parent lists from $75 in poor condition to $225 in excellent, so figure about 20-30% less for a Sears-branded gun.

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