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Hey I Have The Same Exact Ball. My Cousin (Construcrtion Worker) Found It At The Citi Field Construction Site. I Want To Know More About It. But I Can't Find Anything Sorry

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Who scored the 5000th premier league goal?

me messi

Noylan Ryan 5000th strikeout victim was?

ricky Henderson

Who caught Nolan Ryan's 5000th strikeout?

I believe it was Chad Krueter

How much is a baseball autographed by nolan Ryan with 5000th strikeout 8-22-89 300th win 7-31-90 27th major league season on it worth?

Nolan Ryan single signed baseballA Nolan Ryan single signed baseball is worth between $100.-$200. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the baseball. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Add for inscriptions.An inscription such as "5000th Strikeout 8-22-89 " alone would add value but with the other inscriptions "300th win 7-31-90 27th major league season" it could at least double the value stated above.

How old is King Neptune in spongebob?

He celebrated his 5000th birthday at the Krusty Krab in "Clash of Triton."

What year did Wendy's open it's 5000th store?

March 1997 Source:

Who scored the 5000 th premier league goal?

The 5000th Premier League goal was scored by Chris Sutton.

Where did the 5000 Mcdonald's restaurant open?

According to their website, the 5000th Restaurant was opened internationally in 1978, Kanagawa, Japan.

Who made cake for Wheel of Fortune's 5000th episode?

I saw the show where they brought out the cake and they never said who made the cake.

What is the rank of niet greater noida in India?

sorry to inform u but it is true dat niet can stand at 5000th position among all engineering collges in india..

How much is my case knife collectors edition for nolan ryan's 5000th strikout worth?

You can buy them for about 75.00 so yours would sell to a dealer for half that probably.

How many miles has Vanna White walked on the Wheel of Fortune from 1982-2008?

It could only be a guess for an answer, how many miles did you walk in your life When they had done only 2000 shows she claimed to have walked 222 miles and on Friday 27 Feb 2009 the will finish the 5000th show When they had done only 2000 shows she claimed to have walked 222 miles and they will do the 5000th show Friday 27 Feb 2009

Where did Michael Jordan score his 5000th point?

Michael Jordan scored his 5,000th point on the road against the Philadelphia 76ers. His 10,000th and 15,000th points also came on the road against the 76ers.

How far has Vanna White walked on stage?

When they had done only 2000 shows Vanna claimed to have walked 222 miles and they will do the 5000th show this Friday 27 Feb 2009

How many permanent unit awards can you wear?

As many as you've earned. A permanent unit award is one worn by a soldier who was assigned to the unit during the period on the unit award certificate. If you were assigned to the 5000th Artillery Regiment (not a real unit, but it'll work) from 1 January 2001 to 1 January 2004, and the 5000th Artillery Regiment earned the Presidential Unit Citation for its work from 1 March 2002 to 1 July 2002, you can wear the Presidential Unit Citation as long as you're in the Army. Sergeant Smith over there who arrived at the unit on 12 July 2002 can only wear it while he's assigned to the 5000th Artillery. If you'd been in six or seven units that earned unit awards, and you were in them WHEN they did whatever it was they did to earn the awards, you could conceivably wear ten or twelve permanent unit awards. It's not likely, but you could do it.

When does Wheel of Fortune reach their 5000 episode?

Wheel of Fortune will reach the 5000th episode on Friday 27 Feb 2009 On Tuesday the show will air clips from the 2000th show Wednesday they will air clips from the 3000th show on Thursday the 26 Feb 2009 it will show clips from the 4000th show

What are Rickey Henderson's career stats against Nolan Ryan?

Rickey Henderson, nee Rickey Nelson Henley Henderson, is a retired American baseball outfielder. He was born in December, 1958, named after the famed teenage singing idol, Ricky Nelson, son of Harriet and Ozzie Nelson. In 1990, Rickey received the "Most Valuable Player Award". He played for 9 American baseball teams. In August 1989, He was the 5000th batter struck out by Nolan Ryan. Nolan Ryan, current owner, and former pitcher of the Texas Rangers played for four teams, while Rickey Nelson played for nine.

Who Scored The 5000th Premiership Goal?

Goals 4999 and 5000 in the English Premier League are registered to have occurred at the same time - the joint honour goes to Andy Townsend, playing for Aston Villa against Southampton, and Chris Sutton, playing for Blackburn Rovers against Leicester City - on Saturday December 7, 1996.

When did Wheel of Fortune first air on television?

Wheel of Fortune first premiered on January 6, 1975 as a daytime program. The Daytime Wheel of Fortune continued to run episodes until it's cancellation and last show on September 20 1991. Years before the cancellation of the daytime show it was also released as a nighttime syndicated program that was hosted by Pat Sajak And Vanna White. The first show of the nighttime version of the Wheel of Fortune was September 19 1983 with the 5000th episode of this version of the show on February 27 2009

Who has been on Wheel of Fortune first Vanna White or Pat Sajak?

Pat Sajek Started Wheel of Fortune on the Daytime Series On 28 December 1981 and continued until he left on January 9 1989. Vanna White started almost a year after him on December 13 1982 but continued to do the daytime show until it's cancellation on September 20 1991 completing more daytime episodes than Pat Sajak. They both were original cast members of the nighttime version on Wheel of Fortune from September 19 1983 until the present. The nighttime show competed it's 5000th episode on February 27 2009 and is the 3rd longest running syndicated program in the United States.

How many show's have Pat Sajak and Vanna White done on the syndicated Wheel of Fortune?

Pat and Vanna both started the syndicated night version of Wheel of Fortune when it began on September 19 1983. The show reached the 5000th episode on Feb 27 2009. They will continue to show 5 new episodes a week for the rest of it's 26th season of the series. During the summer they will show episodes recorded earlier (reruns) from only the 26th season until Sept when the new season begins. Wheel of Fortune is the 3rd longest running first run syndicated show 7 or 8 seasons behind Soul Train (1971-2006) and Entertainment Tonight which started 2 years before Wheel of Fortune in 1981

If your MP3 player has 5000 songs and the player is set to true random what are the odds it will play the same song 5000 times in a row?

P(song playing once) = 1/5000 P(song playing 5000 times) = P(song playing once)5000 = (1/5000)5000 [ P(something) means the probability of that something happening. Since each song is equally likely, the probability is 1 over the number of songs. The probability of the song playing multiple times is that same probability multiplied by itself however many times it plays. So, for 5000 times, it's that probability to the 5000th power. As for the size of the answer, it's incredibly tiny. P(once) = 0.0002 or (2) / (10000). So, every time you multiply, you usually add on four zeros. However, sometimes the power of two in the numerator will increase the number enough to decrease the number of zeros by one. So, best guess, (locked my computer up trying to compute it, haha), somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 zeros, probably closer to the latter. ] Many thanks for responding. Any chance of expanding on that in layman's terms. Also how huge a number is your conclusion i.e. how many zeroes in it. Hopefully Yours Bill

Is Jack Holden from Home and away really dead?

Yes I really hate that its true but he is. Dead and Gone. Martha buried him and had to tolerate Angelo at the funeral. Angelo killed him - and he will pay for it . . . oh yes, he will, I don't care if its acting - he will pay. R.I.P Jack Holden. aged 26, 1982-2008([But not for long...{I hope}]as told) It has been rumoured that Jack Holden is not dead and is due to arrive back to the Home and Away stage in April. It is believed that Jack will be going undercover, as Paul mentioned that his newly grown beard has got something to do with it. Paul is taking a 3 month break and is due to return to Home and Away later this year. Paul mentioned in an interview last year that he will be returning to the show this year. BY Eseohe Omoighe. i read on wikipedia that jacks not dead but everytime i go on it something changes and says that hes dead i don't know who to believe but i can tell you this i don't want jack to be dead him and Martha deserve to be happy for once. by rahmz YES exatly right Eseohe Omoighe he is not dead he will come back paul just wants a 3 month break he will be bak in April U r the only one i know dat actually agrees with me FINALLY!! I seen the interview on an Australian breakfast show were paul (jack) talks about growing his beard but that was last year. I hope now with Belle and the Developers gone, Hugo in witness protection and Angelo helping to put him there, and the 2009/10 cliff hanger coming to an end, Jack comes back now esp for the 5000th episode. By Nicole You are all retards and know nothing about Home and Away. Jack is DEAD and will never return to summerbay again neither will Martha or Hugo, They are not in protected custody, they are on the run from the law, maybe if yuu all pay attention to the show yuu will no exactly whats going on, i have been watching H&A since 1988 the first air date and still remember every single character from back then till today march 2011

Where did Domino's Pizza get started?

Domino's Pizza was founded in 1960 by Thomas & James Monaghan in Ypsilanti Michigan. They borrowed $500 from a local bank to buy a local pizzeria premises (called DomiNick's) and also purchased a Volkswagen Beetle as their delivery vehicle. In 1961 James decided to leave the business and traded Thomas his half of the company for the VW Bug. Thomas formed another partnership and over the next few years opened more stores in Ypsilanti, and nearby Ann Arbor and Mt Pleasant. In 1965 that partnership dissolved and Thomas decided to re-image the company and the name Domino's Pizza Inc was chosen (suggested by one of his drivers) The logo design of the 3-dotted Domino represents the 3 stores that he owned at that time - 2 in Ypsilanti and 1 in Ann Arbor. The plan was that he would add one more dot to the logo for each store that he opened, but that idea was scrapped when it became clear that the business was becoming far too popular! In 1967 Thomas decided to franchise one of the Ypsilanti stores and the business continued to grow.... The first international store was opened in 1983 in Winnipeg, Canada, and later that year the first Domino's store opened on the Australian continent, in Queensland, Australia. In 1985 the first UK store opened in Luton, Bedfordshire, and the first Asian Continent store opened in Minato, Japan. Also in 1985 Domino's opened 954 units in the USA, for a total of 2,841, making Domino's the fastest-growing pizza company in the country. In 1988 Domino's opened the first store on the South American continent in Bogota Columbia. In 1989 Domino's opened it's 5000th store In 1990 Domino's signed it's 1000th franchise. 1991 sees the introduction of Domino's to Ireland at Rathmines in Dublin. Domino's Pizza opened its 1,500th store outside the United States in 1997, opening seven stores, in one day, on five continents simultaneously! In 1998 founder Thomas Monaghan retired, selling 93% of the company to Bain Capital. The busiest store in the world is currently based in Tallaght in Dublin, Eire which in 2006 was the first in Domino's history to hit a turnover of $3 million (€2.35 million) per year. In March 2010, Domino's Pizza opened its 9,000th store worldwide, with dual celebrations in New Delhi, India and New Orleans, Louisiana. And so the story continues... to date Domino's has over 9000 stores worldwide across 55 different countries!!

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