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What is the value of a basketball rookie card?


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There is no specific answer for this question - it depends on the the the player, the condition, and the current going rate for that specific player. There are books out there that can tell you the going rate for your card(s) or you can take it to collectors to get an idea-never sell or buy a card without doing research on it.


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Other than his rookie card, Chambers cards are not worth much.

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The value of a Kevin Jones rookie card will depend on the condition and the brand of card. On average, a 2005 Leaf rookie card is worth an estimated $1.00.

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The value of an Emmit Smith rookie card will depend on the brand and also the condition of the card. On average, an Emmit Smith rookie card is worth an estimated $ 74.97.

George Mikan rookie card,it is $2,500

The George Mikan rookie card for $2,500.

Junior Seau's rookie card has an average value of $ 14 to $15, based on the condition of the card.

A Dennis Rodman rookie card is worth about $50.00.

The 1973 Topps Rookie Third Baseman card number 615 that features Ron Cey is not his rookie card. It is Mike Schmidt's rookie card and has a book value of $120.00 in near/mint condition. Ron Cey's rookie card is the 1972 Topps card number 761 -"1972 Rookie Stars"

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George Mikan ROOKIE CARD...$2,500

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The value of a Devin Hester rookie card varies by the maker of the card and its condition. As of 2014 the value of this card ranges from 1.50 to 24.00.

I don't know the value of an autographed rookie card of Darrell Green, but a regular rookie card of Darrell Green would be worth about $30.00. The worth of the autographed card would be up to the buyer of the card.

I HAVE THIS CARD TOO! I can't find its value anywhere.

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