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What is the value of a bat autographed by the 1963 New York Yankees?

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2008-04-24 03:48:29

Your bat is worth slightly more than a team-signed Yankees ball

from the same year and according to the collector's price guide,

"Team Baseballs," a ball should fetch between $250-400, with value

being greater or lower depending on exact year and players present

- in particular, the inclusion or exclusion of Mickey Mantle and

Roger Maris - plus the all-important overall condition of the bat

and autographs. Other key factors include type of bat, and whether

there are any "clubhouse signatures" (autographs signed by

ballboys, attendants, etc), and number of signatures present. The

authenticity of the Mantle and Maris signatures are of particular

importance, as both used "ghost-signers" extensively. These

factors, plus the authenticity of all the significant signatures

are the main variables in determining value. And, question: are you

sure this bat is actually signed, or is it possibly a Yankees'

American League Champions "Black Bat," with engraved signatures - a

commemorative piece given to players at the close of the


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