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What is the value of a ticket to the game where Barry Bonds hit his 50th home run?

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2008-07-04 17:14:09

There is a large community of collectors that collect ticket

stubs, or full tickets of historic events, of record setting

ballplayers. A Barry Bonds collector might have a collection of

tickets of all Barry Bonds HR Games. This ticket would be very

desirable to add to a collection.

The value of a Barry Bonds 50th career home run ticket stub

could be in the $50. -$100. price range. A rare full ticket will

sell for more. Full tickets are more common today being scanned,

and not torn at the gate. A Barry Bonds season record 73rd HR

unused Full ticket Pacific Bell Park 10/07/01 is worth about $95. -

$150. This is a more significant home run but also a more common

ticket to find, as I'm sure most of the fans at the game saved the

ticket. The rarity of a Barry Bonds 50th home run early in his

career could add value.

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