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The volume is 17,671,500 mm3

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What is the volume of a glass cylinder with an inside diameter of 6.0 centimeters and height of 28 centimeters?

The volume of a glass cylinder with an inside diameter of 6.0 cm and height of 28 cm is 791.68 cubic cm.

What is the volume of a cylinder with an inside diameter of 6 cm and a height of 28 cm?

pie x r squared x height

Is the bore of a cylinder the circumference?

The bore of a cylinder describes is measurement, in millimeters or inches, of the inside diameter of the cylinder. The diameter is the width across.

What is the volume in gallons of a cylinder with a diameter of 60 inches and height of 147 inches?

If 60 inches is the inside diameter of your cylinder (I'm assuming it's a tank) the volume will be approximately 1800 U.S. gals. The volume of a cylinder equals (pi divided by 4) times the (inside diameter) squared times the (height) . Since you give us the diameter and the height as inches, your answer will be in cubic inches so if we look up that 231 cubic inches equals 1 U.S. gal you can plug in the numbers on a calculator to get the precise answer of 1799.27 U.S. gals.

What is the surface area of a cylinder with a radius of 6 inches and a height of 8 inches?

602 sq inches, on the inside and outside. pi x diameter x height x2

What instrument measures the diameter inside the cylinder?


How do you measure the bore diameter of the cylinder?

With a inside measuring micrometer

What is piston diameter?

A piston is a plunger, or a plug that moves inside a cube, a cylinder. The piston diameter is the diameter of this plunger/plug. It's a tiny bit smaller than the diameter of the cylinder the piston moves in.

How many cubic feet are in a cylinder that has a diameter of 8 feet and a height of 12 feet?

The cubic capacity of a cylinder with inside dimensions of 8 ft diameter and 12 ft height is: Pi/4 x D2 x H = 0.785398*8*8*12 = 603.186 cubic feet (to nearest thousandth). or 192*Pi

What is the formula to find a volume of a cylinder 1' inside diameter x 12' long?

V = 0.25 * pi * (diameter^2) * height For your numbers this works out to be 9.425 ft^3 (cubic feet).

How do you find the volume of a Cylinder tube Hollow when the diameter is 450mm Thickness is 25mm and the Length is 6.5 M meters?

The volume of a cylinder (V) = πr2h, where π=pi, r=radius of the base, and h=height.Assuming the cylinder has an OUTSIDE diameter of 450mm, the INSIDE diameter is 400mm and the radius (r) is 200mm, or 0.2m. Plug in the values of your cylinder:V= 3.1415927 * 0.2m * 0.2m * 6.5m = 0.816814m3, or about816.81 Liters

What is the volume of a cylinder when inside circumference is 12 feet and height is 8 feet?

The volume of a cylinder when the inside circumference is 12 feet and height is 8 feet is: 91.7 cubic feet.

How many inches in a 2inch diameter cylinder 6 inches tall?

There would be a total of 18.84in3 inside the cylinder.

How can you find the bore diameter of the cylinder?

Use a caliper that's made for inside measurement.

A rectangular prism has a volume of 726 a square base and a height of 6 inches a cylinder is placed inside the prism what is the greatest diameter this cylinder could have?

It works out as 11 inches because the square base of the prism has 4 sides of 11 inches.

How do you find the volume of a cone that fits exactly inside a cylinder?

volume=pi*radius squared*height/3, where radius is the radius of the cylinder (and will be the radius of the base of the cone),and height is the lenth of the cylinder.

What is the volume of a pipe that has an inside diameter of 25mm and is 1000mm long?

.7854 x 25mm x 25mm x 1000mm = 490,875 cubic mm converting to cc this is 490.875 cc (ml) formula: pi/4 x d2 x l = v

With a can being 0.008 cm thick on the sides and 0.013 cm thick on the top and bottom what would be the inside diameter and height of the can?

Diameter-0.016 cm Height-0.26 cm

How do you calculate the weight of a hollow steel cylindrical bushing?

Use the outside diameter to calculate the volume of the cylinder as if it was not hollow. 2*PI*R*L where PI = 3.14, R = radius = 1/2 of diameter, L = length or height Then calculate the volume of the cylinder represented by the void inside using the same formula. Subtract this from the first volume and thats your answer. You can also represent it in the form of OD (outside diameter) and ID (inside diameter) to get. 2*PI*L*(OD/2 - ID/2) where R is represented by half of the diameter in each case

How many gallons of water are in a cylinder 52 inch inside diameter by 72 long?

The cylinder holds up to 7,943.23 gallons of water.

Does Tabla pay a drone?

A cylinder has a height of 16 cm and a radius of 5 cm. A cone has a height of 12 cm and a radius of 4 cm. If the cone is placed inside the cylinder as shown, what is the volume of the air space surrounding the cone inside the cylinder? (Use 3.14 as an approximation of π.)

What is the surface area if a cylindrical ring if its outside diameter is 16 mm and its inside diameter is 10 mm 385 123?

In order to answer the question, its height is also required.

How much water would be in a schedule 40 pipe that measures 1 inch in diameter by 12 inches in length?

Assuming that you are asking about the 1 inch diameter pipe that you would find at the hardware store, the average inside diameter of Sch 40 is 1.029". The formula for volume of a cylinder is pi times radius squared times height. Pi = 3.14, the radius would be half the diameter (1.029/2) = .5145 the height is 12 inches 3.14 x .2647 x 12 = 9.974 cu inches

Is EMT called by it inside diameter or outside diameter?


Why is a graduated cylinder more accurate than a flask?

A graduated cylinder has a constant diameter and a printed scale on its side that indicates volume inside the graduated cylinder for any given liquid level. A flask has none of these advantages.

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