What is the water displacement method?

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2013-07-28 23:32:09

The water displacement method is used to find the volume of an

irregularly shaped object. This method was discovered by Archimedes

in Ancient Greece, while he was taking a bath. He was so excited at

his discovery that he ran through the streets of Athens naked,

shouting Eureka!

-Start with a known volume of water. It is easiest to use a

graduated cylinder or beaker, as they have volume measurements

along the side. Record that volume.

-Add the solid object. Measure the new volume in the beaker.

-Subtract the two volumes, to get the amount of water displaced.

This is the volume of the solid object.

If you are talking about water displacement to measure the volume

of an object, you would use a graduated cylinder, if the object was

small enough, and put water into the graduated cylinder, then you

put the object in and however much the water rises, usually mm,

that is the volume of the object

Hope this helped!

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