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What is the world record for the Long Jump?


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the record is 29 feet. the record is held by Mike Powell on october 7, 2007

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The current world record in women's long jump is held by Christel Schultz of Germany. Her record jump is 6.12 meters.

the current world record is 8.95m

The world record for men is 8.95m

Mike Powell set the long jump world record of 8.95m on 30th August 1991.

She holds the world long jump record with 7.52m.

Galina Chistyakova with a jump of 7.52 meters.

The Women's Long Jump World Record is currently held by Galina Chistyakova (USSR/Russia) who leaped 7.53m (24.7ft) on June 11,1988!

Galina Chistyakova with a jump of 7.52 meters.

Carl Lewis with a jump of 9.79 meters.

The men's world record is 8.95m.

world record for rabbit high jump

Mike Powell holds the world record of 8.95meters (29.36) feet for the long- jump.

The prepositional phrase is for the long jump. Record is not part of it.

my name is kate and the world record for 12&under girls long jump is 17 feet and 1 inch

As of February, 2008 Mike Powell of the United States holds the men's world record in the long jump at 8.95 meters (29 feet, 4 1/2 inches). The women's world record holder in the long jump is Galina Chistyakova of Russia who jumped 7.52 meters (24 feet, 8 inches).

Galina Chistyakova of the then Soviet Union cleared a distance of 7.52 at Leningrad, USSR on June 11, 1988. She holds the women's Long Jump world record to this day.

No. The long jump world record is measured in meters. The world record is 8.95 meters (29 feet, 4 1/2 inches) as of April 1, 2008.

Mike Powell jumped 8.95 meters and currently holds the world record.

Mike Powell with a jump of 8.95 Meters. 29'4 1/2"

The Olympic Record for the men's long jump is Bob Beamon's 8.90 jump in the 1968 Olympic games.

The men's record is 8.95m by Mike Powell and the women's is 7.52m by Galina Chistyakova.

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