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What is thirteen percent of thirtynine?

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What is 13 percent of 39? 39 is 100 percent. 39/100 = 0,39 is 1 percent. 13/0,39 = 33.33 percent 13 is 33.33 percent of 39.

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What is thirteen hundredths as a percent?

0.13 (thirteen hundredths) is 13%

What year was Apples To Apples made?

it was made thirtynine years ago

What is the word form for 76239?

sventysix thouthand two hundred (and) thirtynine

How much is Las Vegas resort tax?

Thirteen percent. (13%)

Which testament contains 39 books?

The old testament contains 39 books. thirtynine books.

What is four percent of thirteen?

4 percent of 13 is 0.25. you multiply 4 by 13 and then divide the answer with a 100 simple.

What is 13 over 15 as a percent?

Thirteen fifteenths is equal to 86.66666(repeating).

What is seventy five percent of thirteen hundred dollars?

multiply thirteen hundred by 75% 1300x.75=975 did you take seventh grade math??

What is 13 percent as fraction?

Expressed as a vulgar fraction in its simplest form, 13 percent is equal to 13/100, or thirteen hundredths.

What is 52 percent and a fraction?

Fifty-two percent could be written (in reduced form) as thirteen twenty-fifths, or 13/25.

What is ten percent of thirteen thousand dollars?

1 percent = 1/100 10 percent = (10/100) = 1/10 10 percent of $13,000 = 1/10 of 13,000 = $1,300

How do you write 13 percent as hundredths?

13% = 13/100 (ie thirteen hundredths)

What is 66 percent of thirteen?

66% of 13= 66% * 13= 0.66 * 13= 8.58

What is the percent of thirteen out of twentyfive?

52%= 13/25 * 100%= 0.52 * 100%= 52%

What is 65 percent in fractional notation?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 65 percent is equal to 13/20, or thirteen twentieths.

What is China's northern neighbor that occupies thirteen percent of east Asia's land?

What is China's northern neighbor that occupies 13 percent of east asias land?

What is 22.6 percent as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 22.6 percent is equal to 113/500 or one hundred and thirteen five hundredths.

What is 65 percent written as a fraction in simplest form?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 65 percent is equal to 13/20 or thirteen twentieths.

What is 165 percent as a mixed fraction?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 165 percent is equal to 1 13/20, or one and thirteen twentieths.

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