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his wifes name was Cindy dunbar in1990 -1993 then Erin lee in 1996-2004 now his wife is lhoste merrim well lhoste HAWK.

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What is Tony Hawks name?

His name is tony hawk

What is Spencer Hawks middle name Tony Hawks Son?


What in Tony Hawks real name?

tony hawk's real name IS tony hawk

What is tony hawks mom and dads name?

Hey, my last name is Hawks lol!

What is the birth name of Tony Hawks?

Tony Hawks's birth name is Antony Gordon Hawksworth.

What was tony hawks 1st wife's name?


What is tony hawks dads name?

mr hawk

What is tony hawks fathers name?

Frank Hawk

What is is Tony Hawks wife's name?

His 1st wife's name was Lauren.

What is tony hawks difference?

WHAT IS TONYHAWKSbig difference

What is tony hawks nickname?

tony hawks nickname is=BIRD MAN=

What is tony hawks full name?

Anthony Frank Hawk

What is tony hawks birth name?

Anthony Frank Hawk

What is tony hawks best friends name?

Matt Goodman

What is Tony Hawk's middle name?

Tony Hawks middle name is Frank. His real full name is Anthony Frank Hawk.

What is tony hawks middle name?

Frank But his real name is Anthony Frank Hawk

What are tony hawks siblings names?

His brothers name is Timmy and his sisters name is Tiffany.

What is Tony Hawks favorite music?

Tony Hawks favorite kind ofmusic is ROCK

What is tony hawks favorite movie?

The Big Lebowski is Tony Hawks favorite movie

Can you use tony hawks shred board on tony hawks ride game?


What are the names of tony hawks kids?

Tony Hawks kids names are: Riley, Spencer and Keegan

What color is Tony Hawks hair?

Tony hawks hair color is a blondess browness color

What is the cheat for unlimited money on tony hawks proving ground?

the code for tony hawks is BIG123MONEY

What is tony hawks biggest achievement?

Tony Hawks biggest achievement was when he won a skating competition.

What was tony hawks first wife name?

Cindy Dunbar according to IMDB